This Weekend Was All About The Plastic!

And when I say plastic, I don’t mean credit cards–although I AM slowly going over my limit with all the shopping I’ve done lately!

The Plastic Shuk in Tel Aviv happens once every few months in a location where indie designers gather to present new, non-commercial, and innovative collections.  This past weeken (Friday and Saturday,) I was informed there was a new venue–over 50 designers set up shop inside the former Villa Sokolov on Kaplan St., now aptly titled Kibbutz in the City for its wooden, outdoorsy kibbutz-like feel.

Though some of the designers and labels presenting are known throughout the city, a few of them are just starting out.  Take one of our favorite labels–Rock or Die. We first caught wind of this sharp, rock chic line at an apartment sale in the home of label creator Michal Dafnai.  While Michal didn’t design the pieces, she scoured racks of clothing in places like Hong Kong where trends are always booming.  It’s obvious from the acid wash jackets, bold pointy shouldered shirts, draped dresses, and studded tuxedo blazers that Michal has a sharp eye for what’s in style right now.

This was Rock or Die’s first appearance at a major fashion event in the city and only a sign of better things to come.

Michal is the perfect person to model her line. Here she pairs black and white Oxfords and black skinny jeans with a black and white striped shirt complete with sharp shoulders from her line.

Rock or Die combines a mix of punk, and 80s edge with femme ruffles and lace.  I coveted this acid wash denim jacket from the line.

The space was a bit small for all the designers featured and it got cramped quickly as the crowds grew heavier.  Aside from labels like doberman, Naftalin, Riki Snir, and Hoki, there were also video art presentations, photography exhibits, concerts, DJs, and a few makeup artists on hand for tips (though I wasn’t there for all that.) As I made my rounds, a local band set up their gear and a few Tel Avivits paraded around in brightly colored wigs and loud makeup.  Color was definitely the theme of the day.

I took note of a new accessories label called Emy, where I also bought an eclectic pair of necklaces made from tie dye cloth woven throughout chains (the chains came in black and gold.) It’s a clever idea and the different colors in the tie dye pick up various colors in my outfits.

All in all, a successful day, but I’m hoping there will be more room next time.  That’s a good problem, perhaps?

Sources: Tel Aviv City, Coolil


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