Happy 10th Anniversary Sigal Dekel!

Sigal Dekel

One of my favorite Israeli designers is celebrating her 10th anniversary this year!

Arguably the most recognizable Israeli designer to date, Sigal Dekel has been putting her clothes on the market since 2000! With 14 stores across Israel and one of the few with her very own brand name shop in New York’s SoHo neighborhood, she’s really outdone herself by Israeli fashion standards.

Winter 2008

Sigal Dekel’s line has always been known for its sculpted shift dresses, sleeveless balloon frocks, harem pants, crisp trousers, white button downs, cut tweed blazers, and bubble skirts, her pieces are  the ideal items for timeless, but modern ready-to-wear for the strong and well-dressed Israeli woman. If you’re tired of the tie-dye leggings, bold neon, and loud patterns  currently on the market today, Sigal Dekel is the perfect go-to for feminine looks with an avant-garde twist.  Her ruffles, draped hems, and structured cuts are unmatched.

Winter 2010

There’s something for everyone.  She does have some party pieces, like thick neckties and bows and shiny silver pants but everything is balanced with streamlined jackets and modest skirts. Perfect for the modern woman in any country who wants to keep on trend without going over-the-top.

Summer 2009

There’s no excuse not to get her clothing.  While a bit on the pricey side, she has sales constantly, has showcased at the Fashion Market, and sells worldwide.

I first learned of the brand on an American program in Israel when a madricha (female counselor/teacher) boasted about wearing a designer dress.  I asked what designer and an infatuation with Sigal Dekel clothing was born.

Winter 2007

On a side note, I find it very intriguing that she does highlight Israeli concepts through her clothing.  For example,  I’m pretty certain her camouflage prints and khaki pants were inspired by the Israeli Defense Forces.  It was definitely a statement look at Israel.  Designers like John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood  have often commented on social issues and the government through their clothing, so why should she be any different?

The army is a way of life here, so of course, its part of the fashion, too.

Some upcoming posts showcase why this American-born twentysomething in Israel truly loves Sigal Dekel!


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