Fabulous Israeli Designer Offers Tips on How To Dress

Sigal Dekel is celebrating her 10th anniversary as a well-known designer in Israel.  That is truly a success in itself. In tribute to her outstanding fashion, she certainly deserves more than one fashion post on this blog.

Who among us hasn’t felt helpless in front of our own closet, having no clue what to wear that day? Sigal Dekel asked her followers this very question in a recent Facebook post, then proceeds to dish the dirt on how to combat that hateful (and unfortunately often recurring) problem, while she models various pieces from her very own collection.

Finally, she offers some tips on how to find something to wear.  And why wouldn’t you listen to her? She is arguably Israel’s most well-known designer still selling in the country (Alber Elbaz and Yigal Azrouel no longer apply) to date.

Here’s what she says.

  • Go through your closet the night before (after the kids are in bed and the husband is busy with something else) when you have a moment of peace and quiet.
  • Start with one piece and build a story around it. Take a pair of shoes, a bag, even a tiny necklace and go from there.
  • Don’t be afraid to take a risk!
  • Don’t be afraid to dress up everyday if you want to.
  • Keep up the comfort, but wear something that makes you feel good, too.

Even better, Sigal offers photos of her daily outfits, which are fun but funky, comfortable, but classy and totally fabulous! Now here’s a designer still worth watching, even 10 years later.

Source:  Sigal Dekel, Facebook


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