Israelisms in Fashion

No, this is not a political post. And it’s not going to be a post of Israelis wearing blue and white or pictures of their flag.

The thing that stands about fashion is what it makes statements about the culture, lifestyle, and environment where it’s worn. We’ve seen time and time again how Madonna and Britney Spears have worn t-shirts with sayings that display their feelings. Remember when all the celebs were wearing Barak Obama-emblazoned shirts to display their support for the man who later became our president? And of course, we can’t forget that designers like John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood use pieces from their collections to voice their feelings about war and their subsequent governments.

In my recent post called “Does Your Environments Influence Your Dress?”, I glazed over this idea when I compared my style in America to my style in Israel. But let’s take this concept one step further with my examples of my favorite Israeli bloggers, showcasing their own perceptions of Israeli society through their fashion without even realizing they are doing it.

The Army

Let’s go back to Saray Habura from My Idea of Fashion, who I just blogged about, commenting that her style was different in America and in Israel. Saray is back in Israel and about to go to the army, a normal Israeli rite-of-passage which means a year or two of constant uniform. Countries, like America, etc., with no draft, could not possibly understand what it is to have to go to the army whether you want to study before or after and so this is a special something that makes Israelis unique since just about every single Israeli has either gone to the army or has a story about how they got out of it.

In her most recent blog post, Saray talks about wearing her ugly army fatigues day in and day out and tells us how she’s going to express her personal style and  keep her individuality–with her brand name accessories and make up products. Think Marc by Marc Jacobs items, a notebook from Urban Outfitters, Chanel body lotion, and a Moschino wallet.

Location, Location, Location

Now all of you who know Tel Aviv know that the South end of it is not the richest or nicest of places.  That’s why I thought it was especially neat when Luba from I Heart Fashion and her friend יוד chose to really dress up in all her refinery (Zara fur, bright red tights and Nine West shoes!) and take pictures in Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station.  She’s like a bright spot of sophistication in an otherwise rundown and povery-stricken area.

School Work

The fashion bloggers who are fashion students, like to highlight it in their blog as well and we get a glimpse at Shenkar School of Design in Ramat Gan, notably the best fashion design school in this country.  Noa from Hook The Look, a fashion design major, stresses as the end of the semester looms with lots of work.  The rain makes it easy to stay indoors where she finds herself sketching some fashion illustrations.


And of course, because the bloggers are living in Israel, they must mention the frequent Jewish holidays that interrupt their daily lives. On her blog, Dar from Fashion Pea recently showed us a picture of her trendsetting style back when she was 12 years old celebrating her Bat Mitzvah.

And the fashion bloggers in Israel are having a field day with the upcoming Purim holiday at the end of the month since it gives them all an excuse to dress up even more! (Purim, in short, is Israel’s Halloween without the trick or treating.  Everyone parades around in costumes, the kids sing songs and show off and the adults go out to drink, among other tasks of the holiday, of course.) Marina of סיפורי בגדים (Stories of Clothes)

On the hunt for a secondhand and vintage pieces in the North, Marina writes about hopping upon Anicha,  a second hand shop in the heart of the Carmel in Haifa.  She is excited for her buys and then decides to make mini marathon costumes to prepare for Purim. She wants to dress up in something “cool” this year.  She models a Fedora from Anicha and long sleeve white button down shirt to look like Michael Jackson in one photo and the Fedora, tie, blazer, white no sleeve shirt, and pin stripe trousers to look like a man (minus the beard)  in the other. Looks pretty cool to us!

Photos: Stories of Clothes, Hook The Look, I Heart Fashion, My Idea of Fashion


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