Israeli Fashion Blog Buzz: Week of 2/10

Well, well, well the blog buzz is back! Unfortunately, with a move to a new apartment (which I am loving!) and a focus on other topics, the Fashion Buzz and Blog Buzz columns sort of got pushed to the wayside. But now they’re back and hopefully will start going up with some consistency. In the mean time, enjoy some of my favorite bloggers.

More and more Israeli fashion bloggers are cropping up in my corner each day. Besides the ones I’m featuring below, I’m also really into סיפורי בגדים (Stories of Clothes,) Nalula, Victoria’s Fashion Blog, and Lira Styling.

No more Zara! Meirav Kaufman highlights XSara’s new spring/summer collection from 44 Eilat St. in Tel Aviv. The label includes lots of flirty dresses and playful ruffles. What I love most about this blogger–the fact that she says her fashion turned up a notch AFTER she turned 30! Giveret Kaufman

Another Merav, this time with the last name קירשנבוים has a graphic design background and a passion for design and aesthics. In her latest post, she tells us all about entrance doors and how they can make or break a room.  Wow, didn’t know the design was so important! I’ll be paying closer attention now!

The shoe craze is making its way to Tel Aviv (ok, so its always been around) but this Shoefetish blog wraps up shoes and accessories in a nice pretty package—with just a few sentences and a large picture that takes my breath away. Wait, there’s more! Just clicked on to read the rest and I let out a gasp.  The latest post by Shahaf Segal and photographs from fashion photographer Dana Nussie  features the winter collection of a brand called CoupleOf with laceup oxfords, acid wash-like boots, and two toned shoes.  Running out to get these! (Warning: They’re not cheap!)

A picture is worth a thousand words for this blogger who blogs about beautiful things and highlights each post with just one picture and barely any words. One post has her top choices from Zara’s Spring Collection.  Her latest? An American Eagle interwoven chain bracelet for just $12.50! More4Me

Now here’s something cool and different! Shira displays her love for fashion with fashion art! her fashion illustrations are a way to express her love for style.  She’s already a graphic designer and fashion illustrator for one of Israel’s top magazines “Go” but this sketchbook only further enhances her true talent.  The latest post is a beautiful chick with a blue bow a top her head and a tiger on her shirt. She Ra


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