Pretty Girls

I just had to show her off! I think she looks the best I’ve ever seen her.  It’s unfortunate that you can’ t really notice the divine pin stripes on her A+ (Israeli brand!) trousers…

Fellow blogger Angel Cutsforth was kind enough to wake me up bright and early Friday morning to help me organize my new room on Dizengoff St.  With tough love and a gentle hand, she helped fold clothes and go through bags effortlessly (I don’t think I’ll ever be able to recreate her magic!)

Even more striking, she showed up in stylish attire! While I donned yoga pants and an Armani Exchange shirt (yes, I brought it from America, I don’t think there’s any Armani Exchange here as far as I know), she came in a gingham top and shirt from H&M (thrifted), white headband, Miss L Fire sneaker wedges, and those amazing trousers! And she helped me organize in that outfit!!! (Apparently, she was extremely comfortable the whole time, she says.)

Yes, I met Angel via Twitter because we’re both bloggers who comment on Israeli fashion and we had a fashion blogger meetup, you may recall.  I think she’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, but she’ll always tell me what she thinks, like any true Israeli (or perhaps any Brit living in Israel) with a firm hand and a gentle heart.

In the spirit of Angel’s dressup, I donned one of my favorite outfits, a cobalt blue H&M turtleneck, floral Forever 21 jumper, opaque gray tights from the local SuperPharm, and amazing silver sequined ankle boots from ShoeShoe on Shenkin (which Angel so lovingly convinced me to buy!)

What do you think?

Photo: Angel’s Style Scrapbook


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