Israeli Tribute to McQueen

Due to unavoidable circumstances, we’re changing up the Israeli Fashion Buzz of the Weekend just a little bit.  Why? Because there’s just so much Israeli News, that it deserves to be mentioned first before the part with weekend events! So look for it in the next few few posts.

First and foremost, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN.

I’m sitting here in my gray stockings, silver sequined boots from ShoeShoe, blue turtleneck and my black and grey jumper wondering how the hell am I supposed to make it as a fashion writer? If someone so prominent as Alexander McQueen couldn’t handle it, how can I? The fashion world in this day and age has so many emotional highs and lows—for designers, for models, even just for people who like to wear clothes as an art form.  So many stresses come along with the passion–will people laugh at you for being different, will they judge you for taking a risk, and why don’t they take you seriously when you talk about fashion?

And yet, there have been reports that it wasn’t the fashion industry at all, it was the demise of his mother and best friend model Isabella Blow (who also committed suicide) that sent him falling.  But I’m sure the pressures of Fashion Week didn’t help him any.

Alexander McQueen was one of those people who went beyond the grain and did what he loved (and did it well) because his talent was most prominent with his most avant-garde–when it seemed like he didn’t care what people thought.  But with more fame comes more stress. And not that I am anywhere NEAR where Mr. McQueen was, it makes me wonder if this business–where you’re constantly looked at, constantly judged, and constantly ridiculed–is really worth fighting for.

And perhaps that’s a bit of what I’m hoping to accomplish as blogger writing about Israeli fashion, something that unfortunately not enough people know about in the international world and not enough people write about in English There are so many talented and stylish Israelis here and it’s time they get the credit they deserve!! (Look what’ s already happened to Alber Elbaz, Yigal Azrouel, Elie Tahari...)

How else has Alexander impacted the Israeli world…I know at least one designer who has worked with him and I”m sure there has been more.

And more than one Israeli fashion writer and/or fashion blogger has already mentioned the unfortunate news and paid tribute to the man and master of fashion.  I know at least one designer who has worked with him and I”m sure there has been more.

The best of which I’ve seen has been Israeli and fashion writer Daria Shualy, who used her current position as sometime blogger for the Huffington Post to talk about her own experiences with McQueen.

Indeed, Alexander was a master of his craft and a master of art, how else could she compare him to artistic greats like Gustav Klimt, Antoni Gaudí, and Frank Gehry.

The post was so heartfelt, so brilliant in my opinion, it’s hard to believe she “threw it together” as soon as she heard the news (how could she have possibly predicted such unfortunate news!)


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