The Stylish Step Out For Sharon Brunsher’s New Store

Sharon Brunsher, the queen of eyelet, knitwear and delicate pieces opened her 3rd store in Tel Aviv-Yafo at the beginning of February.  No, I wasn’t at the event but tons of fashionable people were!

Sharon recently put photos up on her Facebook account and they are stylish sights to behold!

I’m impressed by this level of fashion, which I often see on the streets but never in Israeli publications

(I think I’ve looked at too many of the Ynet gossip pages where Israeli “celebs” get the fashion all wrong.)

The store is on 13 Amihad St. in Yafo in the Flea Market across the street from Charcuterie, a lively restaurant. Below, check out Sharon’s stylish friends in attendance.

Love the print shirt under the blazer with the rolled up sleeves. Very in right now. Very casual chic.

Sharon Brunsher w/ Eyal Azarzar, Stylist

Sharon hams it up with stylish Eyal Azarzar, who cares to dabble in a mismatched look that works for him!

These stylish gals cut a fine figure, although I’m not a fan of thick fur coats with jeans and flats in Tel Aviv.

Love her Houndstooth coat!

You can’t go wrong with a colorful scarf to liven up a delicate dress.

Anya Fleet, Fashion Designer

Anya Fleet works a cape and matching skirt with brown pointy lace ups.

Not digging the black fringe on the shoulders of the camel coat, but I love the menswearish combo underneath!

Stylish Man of The Hour

This dapper Dan is without a doubt the best dressed man of the evening!

Photos: Sharon Brunsher


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