While New York Fashion Week is Underway…

…Israel is having its own fashion shows as designers begin to present their Spring/Summer collections.

Of course, we’ve already seen one of Israel’s most famous retail chains,  Castro (a more detailed review will be coming soon.)

But now, a moment to focus on Israeli evening wear.  Designer Gideon Oberson, who is widely known throughout the country for his high-fashion swimsuits, recently presented a fashion show filled with pieces for evening and night time looks. Not his, mind you, but I will explain.

Gideon Oberson Swimwear

Falafel Fashion blogger Mirelle was on hand to cover the show for the fashion section at Nana10.

Perhaps the opening line of the article says it best.  “Mirelle Doshonsky was at fashion show in Tel Aviv, but she might as well have been in Paris.”

Gideon may be known for his swimsuit designs in Israel.  But, as Mirelle points out, he can also design evening wear at the highest level.  And so when he chose a group of students from the Shenkar School of Engineering and Design (Israel’s top fashion design school) to come together to present a new collection, they were more than willing to show their skills for the project, titled “Blue-White Elite.”

As Gideon was disappointed that true couture with its intricate sewing and handwork  had all but disappeared from the Israeli fashion scene, he brought on this small group to bring it back to the forefront with the pieces they were going to make.

“It seems that Oberson’s goal was to restore former glory insert the spirit of young designers and couture elite,” Mirelle wrote.

Gila Almagor (second from left)

And so, they did, showcasing their creations to a packed crowd that included the likes of Israeli celebrities like movie and tv star Gila Almagor (Mivtza Yonatan, Munich, Aviya’s Summer.) Pallets of black, white, and red filled the runway.  One model sported a strappy black dress with circles of eyelet, another worked a cropped black blazer with a decorated lining to close the jacket and embroidered shorts. The clothes screamed luxury from the 50s era with hair in tight buns, mod ’50s eyewear and dresses in lush fabrics like silk crepe with pockets and belts.    Quite lady-like.

Now if that doesn’t scream Paris Fashion Week, I don’t know what does.

Pieces from the collection can be found in Oberson’s studio on 36 Gordon St. in Tel Aviv.

Source: Falafel Fashion, Fashion-Nana10


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