Daily Outfit Post

Yes, I’ve been told I need to do more daily outfit posts showcasing my Israeli fashion.  I’m itching to start!

I’d just like to point out here that every item I am wearing is Israeli.  I am truly proud of this.
Ok, I’m fibbing just a little.  The cobalt blue oversized pocket cardigan is from American Apparel. But it’s the American Apparel on King George St. in Tel Aviv! I’m also wearing a really cool print shirt I found in one of those fashion budget shops on Allenby.

The girl on it reminds me of Lady Gaga and her sunglasses are lined in an amazing blue that matches the cardi! She has skyscrapers in her eyes–literally! Very rocker chic.

The spandex-like black pants are from a cool Israeli fashion shop in Dizengoff Center (mall) called Grip. They sell very punky pieces and X-Ray sunglasses for 60nis ($10) a pop!

The shoes are the most expensive item in the pic.  They are All Black two-tone ankle boots that come with a funky square peg heel from Shoe Shoe on Shenkin St.  They were a bit pricey, but worth the investment–they are the most comfortable party shoes I have ever bought! And the glittery silver fabric doesn’t hurt!

Cardigan: American Apparel

Shirt: Allenby

Pants: Grip

Shoes: ShoeShoe

I think I’ll be doing these photos more often!


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