Daily Outfit Post #2

After doing a wardrobe purge with friend and fellow fashion blogger Angel, unfortunately more than 70% of my wardrobe is still left.  (Luckily, four bags were filled for WIZO!) What I did learn from the experience (besides the traumatic moment that yes, you do have to let go of that sparkly tube top sometime!) was that unfortunately, I dress too young for my age. I am 27 years old and yes, I do love logo print tees like the rest of them, but sometimes you have to forgo the neon emblazoned shirts for something a little more–well, mature.  In the name of fashion, of course.
What does it mean to be age appropriate anyway? And what’s wrong with wearing polka dots, tie-dye dresses, and t-shirts with John Cusack from the 80s. Nothing, of course! But you shouldn’t be surprised when you already have a baby face and your clothes make the average person mistake you for 20 instead of 27! This has happened to me plenty of times and this constant mistake, along with the closet purging (which, I’m told, does get easier. I think I’ll stop bawling my eyes out now!) will only get better if I dress more my age.

And so, for my daily outfit post, I put together an outfit with clothes that I always had but never thought I would get together in a single combination (I’m also not used to wearing as many skirts as I used to because, well, it’s just easier for me to be more casual in Tel Aviv.) Not only does it let me do up  my playful side (polka dots will never go out of style) and create a color combination that I’ve never thought of, but it also helps me feel more glamorous, and yes, older! And yes, the skirt is from my favorite store in all of Tel Aviv–Cafe Bizarre (150 Ben Yehuda) and the designer is Inbal Gvili.

Thanks to Angel for being another set of eyes, and helping me to see something I never would have thought of on my own.  And for letting me know that yes, it’s ok to wear two different shades of blue in the same outfit!

Shirt: Delias (Can I get any younger?), Skirt: Inbal Gvili, Cafe Bizarre, Shoes: Payless, Cardigan: American Apparel

Here’s another color combination.  Black and white and gray.  Let’s see if it works.

Wondering if I look glam yet.

Shirt: HDL Daphna Levinson, Skirt: Cafe Bizarre, Lace-Up Flats: Steve Madden, Nordstroms


4 thoughts on “Daily Outfit Post #2

  1. sefi

    looking great! i love the first outfit more and i really think that you should wear heels. i also love getting rid of old clothes but i don’t do it so often.

    • Simona

      I actually hate it especially when I can’t decide if I want it or not…you know what they say, you can always make room for more.

  2. Morgane

    I’m in love with ur shoes on the 2nd pic, but u look really good with heels also!!!!
    And I need to say that I keep everything!!! clothes, shoes, everything!!!! I always find a way to make it new, I cut, I customise… Maybe I’m sick, I actually live in a giant closet with a bed in a corner (…), and this is only about 40% or less of what I own, most of everything is still in Paris… ^^

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