100th Post! Israelis Are Taking Over New York Fashion Week…

Well, not exactly.

But they have popped up all over the New York shows in a variety of different ways.

In honor of my 100th post, I’d like to do a combination of posts.  It was originally supposed to be only one but since it’s way too much for one page (and blog readers don’t have attention spans these days) I’d like to separate it into a few.  I’d like to show you all how Israelis made an impact in the US at this season’s Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week for Fall’10.
I still keep up with worldwide (especially American) fashion news as much as I can and though I wasn’t at the Tents as in years past, I did get a virtual front row seat through stories from Second City Style, the American fashion blog and e-zine I currently write for.

So here’s how I learned (through that virtual front row seat) that yes, Israelis did make an impact at New York Fashion and even helped make an Israeli fashion impact of my own!

Second City Style Editor-in-Chief Lauren Dimet Waters Wears Israeli Designer’s Dress at NYFW

Despite living halfway across the world, I’m lucky enough to be able to continue writing for a few American websites and publication. Not only does it give me more writing experience, as always, but it gives me a reason to keep track of what’s going on in the fashion and pop culture world in the States (which I do so anyway.) I may now have an outsider’s perspective when I write, but I’m still American in my heart and I see things in the American way. 

Anyway, one of those publications happens to be an e-magazine and blog called Second City Style, which started in Chicago but now runs nationwide (as in all across America.) It’s run by Lauren Dimet Waters in New York and Carol Calacci in Chicago (they frequently feature Chicago events too since that is how the online publication started.) I’ve been writing for Second City Style for more than 2 years now.  I contacted Lauren with a bubbling interest in fashion and particularly celebrity fashion, showed her my stuff, and became the celebrity style expert for the page (though I currently don’t write all the celebrity fashion.)

This position has given me me a lot of perks and opportunities. I’ve gone to many a Manhattan fashion event, received free beauty products, and appeared at my first New York Fashion Week more than a year ago.  It’s also helped me receive other writing opportunities especially in the fashion field, which you may be surprised to know I’ve only focused on since probably 2006 (I was a celebrity writer, not a fashion one.) Since then I made a personal decision to move to Israel but Lauren has kept me in the loop and trusts me enough to know that I’m reliable with keeping my portion of the blog updated when I can. I continue to write about fashion, particularly celebrities as Second City Style continues to grow with recognition and a good reputation. (They are one of the most reputable blogs among the blogosphere that is suddenly taking hold of the Fashion Week tents.  This year they were invited to almost every collection at the shows.)

Anyway, I decided that since I’m on a mission to promote the wonders of Israeli fashion to an international audience, I would ask Lauren if I could write about my favorite Israeli designer Mirit Weinstock.  I knew that she would let me, and more than that, Mirit is really making strides in the American fashion world, now selling at Stanton James in LA and Pixie Market in New York and being featured in popular fashion tomes like Nylon and Refinery29.

The blog post I wrote turned out better then I expected and not only did it receive rave reviews from my own editor-in-chief (as well as others of course) but told me on the sly that she would love to wear one of Mirit’s pieces, maybe to New York Fashion Week.  Who knew it would actually happen!

I mentioned it to Mirit, also on the sly and she put Lauren in touch with her NY showroom.  After a few minor communication problems (Mirit is in Israel, Lauren is in NY), Lauren was finally able to wear a personal black silk Mirit Weinstock dress and one of her feather necklaces  to the collection on one of the last days.

It happened to be the day she made an appearance at the Robert Verdi Future of Fashion Lounge (for those of you don’t know, Robert Verdi is a well-recognized tv personality, a so-called famous person in America) and many pictures were taken.

She also stopped at many a show with the designer dress,  including Michael Kors and Marchesa.

I was very proud of myself for being able to make the fashion connection between America and Israel, especially because I know Israeli designers are talented but do need the help and promotion of international resources.

Maybe I have a Fashion PR career in my midst?


Photos: Lauren Dimet Waters, Second City Style, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Coming Up: More Posts on The New York Fashion Week that was…and how Israelis took part!


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