Lee Cooper Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Show

Like Castro, Lee Cooper is a well-known retail brand in Israel, but with a slighty younger, much more urban punk appeal.  Their clothes include tons of denim and items like graffiti-emblazoned tees, punchy neon tech vests, jackets in bold and rainbow colors, and tie-dye splattered shoes.

Their Spring/Summer 2010 Collection, however, appeared to be much more low key.  Yet, the presentation was superb, says Haaretz fashion writer Hilla Ohayon, who caught their Lee Cooper Spring/Summer 2010 fashion show this month.  Unlike the typical one model at a time down the runway walk, each one sashayed quickly one after the other, then posed in a tight knit group.

Skinny jeans, rompers, and white tank tops prevailed among men and women alongside denim, some plaid, and bold blocks of color. All clothes, of course, were in the Lee Cooper signature style.

Check out Hilla’s personal page for some amazing up-close videos of the show!

In my opinion, this labe (with a collection that is a bit more low-key for warmer months ahead) truly speaks to the style of a majority of younger Israel–the urban nitty-gritty set.

Photos: Hilla Ohayon, Sivan Faraj from Ran Rahav PR Agency


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