Daily Outfit Post #3

I’m actually more of a leggings and boots kind of girl, but my very clothes are probably found within my dresses collection, which include pieces from Anat Mikulinksy, Castro, Vered S, Fish n’ Dag, and assorted other independent Israeli stores like Nitza & Masha on Dizengoff, Ido near Ibn Gvirol, and Profil in the Ayalon Mall.

And yes, there are the ones from Nordstroms, Urban Outfitters, and Macy’s in America thrown in there.

Here are some of my best dress outfit pictures to date.

Dress and Blue Sash: Nitza & Masha, Ankle Boots: Payless

The most recent picture taken, and the one that got me started thinking about all my dresses.  I wasn’t going to buy this black and white floral dress from Nitza & Masha; I already had one in navy blue with yellow flowers from Profil.  Then I saw the blue sash and fell in love.  I’m not sure why this mismatched look works but it just does.

Dress: Castro, Necklace: Arad Shuk

Castro may not be the best store ever, but I like the colors every season and you can always stock up on trends there.

Dress: Ido

Love tie-dye, love the asymmetrical pockets and the hoodie.  Also have a sleeveless tie-dye dress from Anat Mikulinsky

Dress: Urban Outfitters, Leggings: Zara, Gladiator Sandals: Easy Pickens in NJ

Have you noticed I have a thing for dark floral? Really don’t have enough.

Dress: Armani Exchange, Shirt: Banana Republic

Dress: Anat Mikulinsky, Turtleneck: Forever21, Mary-Janes: Payless

My favorite dress to date has to be this plaid one from Anat Mikulinksy. It just forms to my body in the best way possible.  There was also one in red and black at the time and now I regret not buying it!

The infamous Cala Black Butterfly Dress, Oxford Lace-Ups from Target

Dress: Nordstroms, Vest: Store on Esther HaMalka (Forget the name), Gladiator Jellies: Anat Mikulinsky

My brother and me

Guess you can see where my penchant for dresses comes from!

My mother liked to dress me up in them when I was young…


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