Purim Blog Buzz

Chag Sameach!

Purim is Israel’s Jewish Halloween. Of course it’s much more than that and Israelis celebrate the holiday for other religious reasons, but we also love any reason to dress up. And you’d be amazed at how much they do go overboard here!

As my friend Scott pointed out over at his blog Gefilte Fish Out of Water, Purim for adults is just like Halloween in America. Adults dress up in various elaborate costumes (though some only wear head or body gear) and parade around to different parties. The difference is for kids, who don’t collect candy when they go trick or treating and there are no Halloween symbols like pumpkins, skeletons, or scary creatures.

By the way, Scott was an amazing 70s Gay Workout Guy for the holiday, growing out a pornstache and Jewfro, donning a fanny pack, tube socks, and short shorts from Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet Tour, and showing off his muscles! Gotta love a man who isn’t afraid to bare all.

Before I do the unveiling blog post, featuring my costume(s) for Purim, I’d like to pay special tribute to the Israeli fashion bloggers who are my peers and my inspirations and their special, uber-stylish costumes this year.

Nekudot: Yaara Keydar

Costume: Disco Ball

Fun Fact: Fashion designer Yaara sewed the dress herself!
Tights from American Apparel.  Zara shoes.

MODAna: Dana Eldad

Costume: Lady Gaga

Fun Fact: Israeli retail chain TNT had fashion bloggers dress up as fashion icons and provided much of her costume.
Top from Zara, Pink Tights are DKNY, Shoes from Shoesone.co.kr

Way 2 Yellow: Sefi Erlich

Costume: גיינגיית (Redhead)

Fun Fact: The blonde Sefi wore her redhead Purim wig while she tried on other stylish pieces for Purim.  Still looking as fashionable as ever!

Kalba in Glam Town: Yael

Costume: Lillian Peretz (Ex-Housekeeper of prime minister Bibi and Sarah Netanyahu, who says Sarah verbally abused her in the home.)

Fun Fact: No one could guess Yael’s costume! Oh, and she danced in Steve Madden heels for 3 hours straight!

Photos: Ilana Davita, Yaara Keydar, Way2Yellow, ModAna, Kalba in Glam Town


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