Purim Madness!

Since this blog has gotten slightly more personal lately, and because everyone who isn’t in Israel likes to see what the culture is really like here, I’d like to show you guys how far people do go for the best costume on Purim.

It certainly rivals Halloween in America.

So here are some of my favorite costumes: fashionable, stylish, creative, and totally crazy!


Saffi Rudnick


Irit Iacob (right)

Guitar Hero

Cara Goldberg

Lady Gaga

Tzlil Iluz

Mario Brothers

Amir Ifrach and Hadar Matos

Slash (Guns n’ Roses)

Omry Flum


Priest and Bunny

Do Israelis know how to party or what?

Photos: Pnina Cohen, Sivan Lustgarten Dorot, Maayan Bahar, Moshe Ben Abu, Amir Ifrach, Ana Werner, Elad Kalich, Cara Goldberg, Tzlil Iluz


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