Nap Time! Designs For The Mom Who Loves Her Baby

I’m proud to announce that aside from all of my other writing projects (they are growing at an astonishing rate!) I’m going to be blogging for, an innovative website promoting Israeli designs to an international audience.

Believe me, Israeli designers are talented and the world needs to know about it!

That means not only will this blog be getting a sneak peek at some of the amazing new designers I will write about, but I will be learning about a whole new slew of talent, establishing more fashion connections through the people I work with, and hopefully, going to way more Israeli fashion events!

My first post is about a topic I don’t have much experience in…but one that was quite interesting to write! It was all about designs for Babies!

Nap is a line from Gal, an Israeli mother of three, who makes the softest, most comfortable fleece blankets and baby bedding.

Her brand has become so popular that she has expanded it to include toys, bottle holders, even car seats!

Gal’s store is located on Masyrik Street in Tel Aviv, but she ships worldwide!

I may not be a mother yet…or have much experience with babies, but I think I’ll be getting some of these choice blankets…for myself!

Read my first post for Coolil here!



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