Pop and Rock!

Yes, it all started with a men’s shirt!

I’ve been coveting this black and white screen print Raglan tee from Israeli label PopLove for weeks! No matter that it’s for men, I love the black sleeves, the cool face on front, the punky vibe

I can totally see myself pairing it with a high waist black skirt and red tights!

The shirt is handmade from PopLove, a Tel Aviv-based design duo who like to deconstruct vintage and second hand clothes and cut patterns out of raw materials.  They also like to add their own signature finish, whether it’s Swarovski crystals, well-placed grommets or studs, or screen printing an edgy face.

Shai Wallach, one half of the design team, and the geek chic dude modeling the Raglan tee,  comes from a photo and art background.  The one originally from Israel, he met Andrea Hughes while living and studying in Toronto, Canada. Since then, the two have been inseparable.  Andrea is a Canadian who’s worked under several design labels, but started her own line, Hysteric Faerie, which late evolved into PopLove.

The two currently live in Tel Aviv and are very, very talented.

They’re cool for many, many reasons but one of the best is that they’ve set out to make their items eco chic.  Using recycled materials, they reduce unnecessary textile production AND use local materials, minimizing transport fuel and helping the local Israeli economy. (yay!)

PopLove produces everything from men’s and women’s clothing to jewelery to house wares to shoes to bags.

Check out some of my favorites from the Spring/Summer collection!

Check out this reconstructed denim dress! It is truly one of a kind!

The two combined white Levis denim and green and gold fabrics from a vintage dress. They added green drybrushing and fabric bits to the denim part.  Get it while it’s hot at their page on indie shopping site Sense of Fashion.

They even let you in on some behind-the-scenes action on their own PopLove blog!

Both Andrea and Shai have told me I can easily get it–they regularly sell their designs in their studio or at the bottom of Dizengoff Center, where a mini fashion fair takes place every week.

But if you want to reach them yourselves, you can do so by e-mailing them at info@poplove-designs.com and checking out their official website!

Photos: PopLove, Sense of Fashion


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