Sof, Sof H&M is Here!

Before I start this post, I’d just like to inform all of you that I have not yet been to H&M in Azrieli Mall.  This is because I chose to avoid the stampede that mobbed the store yesterday AND to ignore the line going from the store around the mall on Friday.

What else have I heard?

Apparently two Israelis got into a physical fight during the mob scene AND Haaretz reported a religious woman literally started changing in the middle of the store.

Can you believe one shopper told a local television station that it looked like the site of a terror attack? The Jerusalem Post reported this.

For an interesting look into how Israelis reacted, check out the Fashion! Walla video here.  It was a little bit much.

I know it’s H&M and all and further development of international branding seeping into the Israeli identity/landscape, but sometimes I wonder if this mob happened because it was H&M or because Israelis wanted to be “part of the action.”

I do like what Sefi from Way 2 Yellow said. Here’s an indirect translation. “I don’t rush to judge my people or be ashamed of them…[Most of the people] who were there were shocked to discover so much hatred.  I do not feel any responsibility for or identification with these people, but if this is their choice to act like barbarians just because of clothes, I’ll leave it like that and not jump to any conclusions.  Israel, as presented there, is not a barbarian country, it’s just provincial.   We’re just a little dot on the globe with a late opening of an international network that should have happened 10 years ago.  This reminded us of that again.”

Beautifully said.

Regardless, I have no been in and perhaps do not plan to go for a long time but prices are cheap compared to other Tel Aviv fashion stops and I did get a look at the store thanks to a few worthwhile Israeli fashion bloggers who were allowed entry into the store one day ahead of time. for a special event.

I love that the Tel Aviv fashion community is embracing the importance of fashion bloggers in their midst and hope one day they will recognize a lowly American living in Israel who started a fashion blog about Israeli fashion brands, news and trends because she truly adores them!

That time has not yet come, but slowly, slowly…

Because I was not there myself, please enjoy a few great pictures from The Jerusalem Post and mostly from Dar at Afoona Fashion Blog, who was one of the bloggers who attended the early H&M launch party and got to shop ahead of everyone else.

Photos: Fashion! Walla, The Jerusalem Post, Afoona Fashion Blog


One thought on “Sof, Sof H&M is Here!

  1. merihh

    I’m really waiting for my first visit to israeli h&m! hope i was there already… last time i was in January and went to malcha in jerusalem and there was also big ad of new h&m.. we have many of them in finland but its so different feel the hm in israelll.. yalla back home……

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