Fashion Expertise from Ms. Angel Cutsforth

Remember when I told you guys no more H&M posts? I lied.

When fellow blogger friend Angel Cutsforth wrote me a text this morning excitedly telling me he was standing in the line for H&M (yes, there’s still a line outside the door though not quite as big as that first day) I asked her pensively, “Don’t you have work?

A girl can always make time for H&M, she told me, and I knew that even waiting a few days after the opening had been hard for her.

When I called her moments later and asked her how it was, she excitedly told me about the vintage-inspired black floral dress she had been craving that she bought and the pale green one in the same design she was going to buy later.  I was jealous.  I love H&M back in the States and I was dying to see what the Israeli one had to offer—but I didn’t want to wait in line or spend the money (even though the prices are honest-to-god reasonable here!)

Further moment of jealousy, she described the pieces in the store that would be perfect for me.

You see, although we have very different tastes–she loves dresses of the past, vintage, and well tailored feminine cuts, I tend to go for edgier pieces with punch in a Euro glam style–Angel certainly has an eye for fashion and she knows what I like.

“You would love some of the pieces in there,” she wrote me later. “They has a black dress with embelished shoulders, and what was even better when that trend isn’t huge anymore the embellishments can be taken off!!! I just thought of you with that. Oh and they had a puff shouldered dress!”

Aaahhh, I want to go already! Nevertheless, I did get some luck out of the deal.  Angel offered to write me a guest post about her experience for this blog.

So I’m happy to announce the next post you read will be a beautiful tale from Ms. Angel Cutsforth about her H&M experience.   Please check out. And when you’re done, head on over to her site: Angel’s Style Scrapbook.

She’ll certainly give you her vintage expertise, with some fashion and wardrobe organization tips thrown in for good measure.  And, that, whether you’re into Israeli fashion or not, is totally worth it.


One thought on “Fashion Expertise from Ms. Angel Cutsforth

  1. roz

    Hey simona. I have heard varying comments about the styles at our new H&M…
    a friend who just was there (spent half an hour last tuesday afternoon waiting on line just to get into the store), said that the clothing was “nothing spectacular” but she was blown away by a really cool corset and panty set. She was so excited about her purchase and so overwhelmed by the angry mob she accidentally grabbed a size 42 instead of a 36. which means she will now have to wait another half hour in line before even approaching the line by the register just to exchange it(who knows if they will even still have the size she is looking for anymore?)!

    I don’t get it, if H&M is such a huge hit how come they only brought one??

    Someone very wise told me “nothing here is worth waiting in line for or fighting for like that-you can always shop in America!”

    I try to remind myself that when I get jealous of all those girls who come back from Tel Aviv H&M!

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