Nataly Shevilly

Nataly Shevilly is an Israeli fashion designer with a unique vintage style and a limited one-of-a kind selection. So it says on her Facebook group.

A friend turned me onto this intriguing designer, whose draping techniques are intricate, but comfortable and whose patterns are definitely unusual, but not limiting to eccentric folk.

I love those billowy ruffled rings around her sundresses.  They look like bobbing river currents.  Her pieces are feminine, romantic, but also playful and flirty and perfect for the Israeli woman, who cares about looking good but feeling good in her clothes at the same time. The floral patterns and digital prints are trendy, but not something you’d see on everybody.

There were a few times when a friend dragged me to her store on 45 King George and to the second small shop on King George near Allenby.  That was when I fell in love with her patterned tulip skirts with the elastic waist band.

By the way, she also has a shop on 44 Shenkin St. and in Ramat HaSharon, a neighboring town, there’s one on 51 Sokolov St.

I checked out the price and it was only 99nis! There was one in particular that I had my eye on, but I held myself and didn’t buy it.  The next week I went with a different friend to Nataly’s shop on 45 King George.  The skirts, which had previously been moved from the other store, were all there in line and so was one of Nataly’s assistants.

I had already heard great things about Nataly’s pieces, but also about Nataly herself.  I was told she was really great at picking out pieces from her collection that were perfectly tailored to match your body type. Lucky for me, Nataly’s assistant was the same and after fawning over 2 skirts (one of which didn’t fit as well, as her assistant and I agreed) I ended up buying the one I wanted in the first place.

It’s been heaven ever since! Here’s the final product!


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