Mirit Weinstock’s Necklaces

I’m quite eagerly anticipating the coming sale this Friday of one of my favorite designers Mirit Weinstock.

I’ve been wanting to splurge on one of her beautifully refined necklaces for months now, after seeing it worn on Sense of Fashion founder Daria Shualy in a photo from her site.

I love the way the necklace shines against the black shirt.

Should I take one of her originals?

Get one splashed with color?

Or splurge on a her necklace of fabric flowers, created especially for her Spring/Summer collection, where Mirit specifically told me that flowers were quite an inspiration for her.

She takes the idea of flowers as inspiration from African culture, where flowers are worn a top the head in a crown or

“I was really inspired by the use of flowers in African culture.  They cover their body with flowers and have flowers on their head like crowns.  I really used that to create my dresses and jewelry,” she has said.

Photos: Mirit Weinstock


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