The Continuous Stylings of Sigal Dekel

Though I’ve mentioned her in the past, I must take this moment to highlight the classy, yet trendy stylings of Israeli designer Sigal Dekel.

She epitomizes the fashionable woman, who dresses age appropriate, put together, but trendy!

Sigal creates her pieces in wearable draping, ombre that’s not over the top, and patterns that make a statement but aren’t overdone.

Even more innovative, we get to see what she wears to work everyday through a copious collection of beautiful Facebook photos showcasing her unique outfits and different looks.

And of course, many of them are her own designs! Captions display cost of items.

Some of her best:

Dress from New Collection: 595nis (About $159)
Striped Dress, Also Available in Blue 610nis (About $163), Fringe Scarf 79nis (About $21)
Tie Dye Dress, 180nis (About $48), Creased Blue Satin Shirt, 310nis (About $82), Blue Jersey (About $82), Boots: (עמנואל) Emmanuel
Pleated Dress from New York, Siren Scuffed Leather Boots, Tes Bag

Can you tell she likes grays, blues, and blacks? Let’s try a little color!

Now that’s more like it!

Source: Sigal Dekel on Facebook


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