The Scoop on Israeli Fashion, An American Tells All

Author: Amy Christoffersen

My own individual style is definitely a mix of indie, old-fashioned, trendsetter, chic, always  classic, blended with bright infusions, and bohemian diva-esque styles. I am not too gaudy, but gaudy enough to make a statement on an occasion.

I’m 26 years mature and I moved to Israel from Seattle, Wa in mid-February 2010 . I was born in Manhattan, NY, grew up in LA and Oregon and now live in Holon for the time being. Imagine that!
I came to Israel when I was 8 or 9 and stayed for a couple months, but more recently came on Birthright in March 2009, stayed for 3 months, and then came back for 2 and a half months. I  decided to move here for good.

I love Israel’s flair and the people’s appreciation of their bodies. Granted I cannot find a jean that fits over my thigh, there are some wonderful and unique styles here in Israel and not to mention a LOT of shoe stores. I have an intense shoe fetish lol.

Speaking of shoes, a little after my Birthright trip my friend and I decided to go shopping for them. She apparently had no idea of my obsession. We went into a store on Yafo St., and little ways up from Ben Yehuda St. in Jerusalem. The moment I saw these shoes I had to buy 4 pairs of them! Believe me, it was hard to pick through the colors. He had blues and browns that I really wanted but did not allow myself to buy.

These boots had a furry, soft lining and fit very comfortably around my feet. They were also very sturdy and well made compared to other boots I have encountered in Israel in the past. You can adjust the laces to your foot and they have a zip at the side. Basically, they are a very versatile and fashionable statement maker, especially the red ones! I bargained with the man and he gave me each boot for 39-41$.

I am definitely known for being a deal getter.

Renuar is a store where I bought the beautiful flower dress you see in the top photo. This fits on my frame well, allows movement and sexiness and should be worn with whatever shoes you think can look nice with it. I chose black closed toed nine west pumps because I think it gives it a more sophisticated look but I could just as easily see a tan or brown peep toe pump.

The malls in Israel are one of a kind and large! Three sometimes four stories and full of excitement! Sometimes they have vendors  inside making food and selling items! I also very much enjoy getting out in the marketplace like the Shuk HaCarmel (Carmel Market) for foods and other assorted goods and the Nachalat Binyamin Pedestrian mall, where you can find people selling their wares and clothes of different, lively and cheaper varieties.

Here’s a pic of me wearing a yellow slightly floral print skirt, which I picked up in the amazing Yafo Flea Market, where you’d be surprised how hidden treasures you can find.  The leggings are from Hoodies.

In this pic, I am wearing a cute peasant style cinched top dress from the outdoor market and a cardi from a store in the mall.

(You need to be careful with these though because you get what you pay for, they fall apart easily, but for 20$ , eh?)

Look forward to blogging a bit more about my style and some Israeli great finds in blogs to come! Also, thanks to my friend Simona for asking me about my fashion. ❤

Thanks for reading!


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