Fashion Spot On The Radio

I’m proud to announce a new spot I’m doing for a Jewish radio station named ChaiFM out of Johannesburg, South Africa. Their mission is to bring forth more of the positive aspects of Israel by focusing on the culture and people rather then the violence, politics, and terrorism.

How are they doing that? By featuring Fashion in Israel of course! They found my blog and asked me to take on a 7 minute spot once a week to talk Israeli fashion. I just appeared this morning bright and early at 6:45am Israeli time (I think it’s South African time too!) It was a little strange, knowing I was going to be on the air, but it was more like an interview then anything else.

Tel Aviv

I spoke about the different landscapes in Israel–the desert, the city, the mountains, the beach and how fashion follows suit. Jerusalem has more of the conservative, straightlaced styles and Tel Aviv has more of the loose, flowy looks and the flip flops of course! I read an article about this in Time Out Israel where The Streetswalker Yael Sloma talked about the different fashions in the different cities.

It was nice to be deemed a “fashion expert.” Really I just like what I’m talking about and I want to get the word out about Israeli fashion.

Photos: The Streetswalker, ChaiFM


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