Even More Tales of Bad Israeli Fashion

A while back, I ran a series of photos I called,  “More Tales of Bad Israeli Fashion.”

Because we all know as much good fashion potential  as there is in The Land–there’s even more BAD FASHION! Chalk it up to the too-hot weather or the hot Israeli mamas (yes, you heard right, the MILFS) who like to dress up in too-tight clothing, but Israelis are not afraid to take a risk or bear all.  And sometimes, this ends up severely hurting them.

In any case, the worst ones I’ve seen as of late, have been the Israeli celebs themselves, who should be setting fashion examples for us all (hello Bar Refaeli!) but instead look worse then some of the average Israeli Joes I see on the street (who actually know how to dress.)

In any case, here are the worst Israeli celeb fashion faux-pas I’ve seen as of late!

Israeli Singers: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Oh Eyal Golan, what did you do?

I didn’t see any bald patterns arising, so why the shave off? YUCK!

Maya Bouskilla, you were so beautiful. Now you’re just washed out!

More Bad Celebrity Fashion

I didn’t know puke green was a color of choice, but apparently it seems to be for these two girls who showed up to a fashion launch.  Sivan Kahlon and Noa Weintraub also like to mix it up with lace and fringe. Ew.

I know singer Miri Mesika is pregnant, so I’ll cut her some slack, but damn, why does she have to wear a shirt that makes her look like she’s swelling and bloated instead of just pregnant. I think Miri is just speaking for all the pregnant ladies in Tel Aviv who don’t know how to dress for their bump!

I’m sure most Israelis know who these people are, but I don’t. In any case, the girl is making one of the biggest fashion faux-pas that Israelis are prone to.  And yes, I see this everywhere!! She’s wearing a nice dress, cardigan, obviously from the guy’s button down shirt (dressy by Israeli standards) it’s a more lavish affair.  And then–the killer–flip flops! What’s up with that?

While I’m not exactly sure how Dorit Bar-On rose to fame, she’s known for her flaming red hair, and, er, theatrical style.  This blue long-sleeved ball gown with ruffles is a bit much though, don’t you think?

Finally, that annoying blonde from Israel’s Big Brother (Ach HaGadol) Yes, I know she has a name, but I just don’t feel like saying it right now.  The skirt is too short and so are the bangs.  This is one girl that doesn’t make floral, Tel Aviv’s hottest Spring trend, look good.

Photos: Eran Bar-On for Ynet Gossip, Celebs.Walla.co.il


5 thoughts on “Even More Tales of Bad Israeli Fashion

  1. roz

    nalula-fashion is fashion , for good or for bad. love the subject here its so well done!
    i agree with it all except eyal golan. a man can always shave it off, and i think in fact with age might be the right thing ..

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