Israeli Fashion Inspiration: Terry Poison

Perhaps I’m making a stark generalization…

…but I think every hipster in Tel Aviv needs to add a little color to their life and start dressing like Israeli electro pop band Terry Poison.

The band consists of tiny Sivan “Petite” Meller on keyboard and vocals, blondie Louise Kahn on lead vocals and guitar, Gili Sa’ar on bass and longer-haired hipster, Idan “Bruno” Grife on computers and synth guitar.  They’ve also added Anna Landesman to rhythm guitar and Issar Tenenbaum to drums.

You know that a band is good when they’re chosen to open for Depeche Mode in Israel!

But we’re not here to talk about their rowdy numbers…we’re here to talk about their clothes, which makes just as much a statement as their synthesizers.

Known for wearing everything from bright sequined jackets to body suits with jeans, Terry Poison also accentuates their look with ruffled dresses, vests, and embellished shoulders.

Whether on stage or off, they’re not afraid to make everybody stare and that’s truly what I love about them!

Currently the band is making a name for themselves in the United States, playing at events like South by Soutwest (SXSW) and working on their new album.

When I asked the band who comes up with their innovative, statement-making looks, they told me their head stylist was an Israeli named Maayan Goldman. The name rings a bell here in Israel because besides Terry Poison, she’s also styled models for designers Sara Braun, Roni Bar, Daniella Lehavi, and the Israeli fashion retail label Golf. Her stylings have also appeared on Israeli celebs like Efrat Gosh, Ania Bukstein, and Yana Guri.

“We work with a stylist Maayan Goldman she works out our looks with the designer Ben Zaiger and other designers… all made…” they said in a statement.

How about that?

Lead singer Louise Kahn said in an interview with Spinner to look for new songs from the band at the end of April.

Photos: Dudi Hasson, Maayan Goldman, Yaniv Edry, CMJ


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