Maya Negri Fashion Show

I first heard about Maya Negri when I met now friend (and fashion buyer at Israeli design website Coolil) Noa Levy at a cafe and asked her where she got her perfectly tailored gray circle scarf that seemed to fit effortlessly around her neck.


It was then I started to hear more about the Israeli fashion designer, including the emergence of her newest Summer collection for 2010, which was hyped during a fashion show she held at an art gallery in Yafo at the end of March.  I wasn’t at the event, but I certainly read about her print dresses, asymmetrically-collared frocks, satin shirts with slightly pointed shoulders, and baggy bow-tied dress pants.

I heard from more than one fashion contact that the show was quite nice and the collection quite airy, feminine and playful for Spring while maintaining that sophisticated and classic Maya Negri quality.  It was headlined by Israeli model Yael Goldman, who Israeli fashion blogger Nalula told us in her own blog post on the event, had as hard a time as the other models walking down the runway in sky-high heels, Maya’s shoes of choice for the runway. 

Trends on the runway included black and white, floral, funky collars, loads of print, and lightwear, airy, and even transparent textures.


Maya Negri has two stores in Tel Aviv including one boutique on 132 Jabutinksi in Kikar HaMedina and the other on 5 Tel-Giborim St..  She also has stores in Zichron Yaakov and Rishpon.



2 thoughts on “Maya Negri Fashion Show

  1. Dorothy Schultz (Di)

    Great read. Thank you!
    Just another US angle: RUTI Clothing & Lifestyle carries Maya Negri’s collection (and other amazong designs from Israel). The store is located in Palo Alto. I wish I could afford more of these…, but whenever I need something for a special event, or just to feel special, I go there; I was never disapointed.

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