Israeli Blog Buzz: 2 Fashion Blogs You Should Be Following

Whether I’ve mentioned them before or not, I wanted to give these two fashion blogs special mention here because I think they’re run by two great Israeli girls who I wish I knew better, but who really know what they’re talking about when it comes to fashion–Israeli or not.


Nalula is a nickname meaning ShoeShoea.  It was used to describe a not-so-bright girl in the 80’s.  But it also fits with the blog’s motif which is almost all about shoes.  Nalula’s real name is Sharon

This blogger is quite interesting and you’ll know it from Nalula’s About page where she lists 185 little items about herself. On the list: she has a law degree and studied psychology in grad school, hardly wears makeup, has glasses from the age of 14 (she prefers plastic frames), her favorite perfume is Joop! Femme, loves the opera and the Hebrew language, and has been a lawyer, journalist, interior designer, bookseller, database manager, web content editor, and a handyman, among other things..

So where does fashion fit into the picture?

Her blog is one of the best I’ve seen on shoes and accessories. Nalula taps into the trendy, but unique and she has an eye for statement items that are both wearable and simply, pure art. She combines that with a post every now and then on her own life and the human spirit. She’s also not afraid to criticize a design or two, which I think is ultimately lacking in the average fashion blog post.

Two favorite posts by Nalula as of late: One on the Maya Negri fashion show at an art gallery in Yafo where she made sure to mention what she knows best–shoes–instead of focusing on the clothes like every other fashion writer who was there. She told us that while she commended the models for walking in sky-high heels, she really noticed what a hard time they had to walk in them. Read the post here.

The other, what I call a "Nalula signature" post, her take on the lace-up Oxford tap shoe with classic and unique, but pricey examples from Church’s, B Store, and Moschino.

Nalula also has another blog, בושמולוגית, where she focuses on perfumes.

Fashion Editor’s Notes

Sometimes, I wish more Israeli bloggers (in Hebrew) would write more about Israeli fashion.  Many of them write about fashion overseas.  Nevertheless, it’s still a different, perhaps more sophisticated perspective on the clothes then I would probably see from bloggers in the States and I do appreciate.

One such blogger: “The Eye” from Fashion Editor’s Notes.

She knows her international high fashion.  She has “the Eye” for it, if you will (hence the nickname) and moreover, depicts it on her page in a deep, philosophical, and artistic level that other bloggers sorely lack.

Yes, while she does comment on fashion news items like fashion bloggers and fashion shows, my favorite post from her as of late was a rare Israeli fashion post where she wrote about the fashion show by Israeli femme label HDL Daphna Levinson

According to the post, the models stopped traffic when they walked down a crosswalk in Tel Aviv.  Regardless, she deftly described the fashion with her keen fashion eye.  The clothes themselves were fresh, she says—linked striped shirts and one-shoulder dresses mixed with playful floral, thick-rimmed glasses, acid wash jeans, a few pieces in a gray cloth texture, and knee-length skirts with a “sexy secretary streak.”

Also look for her commentary from her on recent international trends and collections.

Photos: Nalula, Fashion Editor’s Notes


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