Traveling The T: Market Part 2g

While I gave you a short preview and the history of the T: Market, I didn’t delve too far into my very own personal experience at this shopper’s delight.  Now here’s your chance to get to know just a couple of the great indie designers that presented their wares (not just t-shirts!) at the event!

Sister M

tshirt 004

My roommate and I were first struck by Sister M’s collection when she noticed this beautiful blue tank with a low-fringed collar.  Sister M, headed by two sisters of course, have a great mix of feminine clothing in bright colors like loose floral print dresses with crotched collars and color blocked dresses with twisted straps.  One of the sisters, who was very pregnant at the time we met her, told me she had once lived in Williamsburg and I could see the Brooklyn influence in her clothing—which appeared to me a great juxtaposition between farmy Israel and urban American styles.


tshirt 021 0000000000000000000000000000

Clothing by Jen, creeping up in a corner of the T-Market, was probably my most favorite brand showcased at the event because of it’s mix of colorful prints and urban decor.  The brand was established 5 years ago by a Shenkar School of Engineering and Design graduate, who’s website says that her current collection deals with urban landscape.  A great mix of bright colors and geometric prints and unusual textures is perfect for the edgy Tel Avivit. The designer really knows how to play to the female figure, while giving the line a street fashion cool.  Her website says she manipulates the cut of the basic tee (as showcased above) and uses fine knitwear while maining the highest level of finish.  Color blocking and brush strokes prevail and I can’t wait to see more from her!

Inbal Raviv

tshirt 006

tshirt 007

For me, this T-Market exemplified the best in urban streetwear and hipster chic, so I was surprised there were many designers who catered to a feminine female.  One such designer is the well-known Inbal Raviv, who seems to be more known amongst the fashion set then she is in the retail shops.  No matter, her clothes are available in boutiques like Anat Mikulinksky in Ramat Aviv, Belymka on King Solomon, a shop on Bograshov, Point Line, and Helena on 154 Dizengoff.

Inbal cuts cute dresses in great shapes that  are perfectly tailored at the waist and looser at the chest and hip, and still fit even the curviest female.  She uses all the latest trends like stripes, blocks of color, and of course, floral prints which came in an array of colors and styles and were my favorite looks in her collection.  Also particularly captivating were those same one-size-fits-all dresses with a stripe of color (at the T-Market the stripe was a neon shade)diagonally across the top.  I’ve seen this dress on all the Tel Aviv girls in the summer, who wear them with flip flops in the summer for a loose, casual look, but the rumor is that Inbal was the first to do them and everyone else copied from her.

I bought one of her floral tunics and here’s a not so great picture of me wearing it, but really its for you all to take note of the fabulous color and great use of the most widely used trend on the Tel Aviv landscape this spring.


Anna K


Anna K may have just come out with a concept store in Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Center, but she still had quite the showing at Tel Aviv’s T-Market.  She’s the creator of the “Shack Pants” which is a femme homage to the men’s silhouette and we’re guessing most of her other clothing follows suit in  structured menswear fashion that’s perfectly chic for women.  But another great example of feminine wares taking over the often too punky T: Market, she also showcased some wonderful dresses, blouses and skirts in an array of colors, shapes and sizes.  Designer Karen Zarke definitely knows how to be a hit with the flirty femme crowd who also want something just a little bit sexy, but easy on the eyes.

Liat Ginzburg

Liat Ginzburg’s colorful, playful, architectural, but wild and wacky necklaces are really going places and so is the jewelry designer! You might think that only girls who are willing to go over-the-top are the ones that can pull off these neon stunners but they’re not the only ones to have the gal.  These necklaces are the perfect pick-me-up to your basic black tee or any solid color shirt for that matter, because they stand alone and they are truly amazing and daring creations!

Spoiled Bastard

This brand makes the T-Market what it is today.  Spoiled Bastard’s Eilon Bregman has created the ultimate in hipster cool t-shirts. His tees feature neon-print logos and cartoon characters from our past including Mr. Potato Head and Babar, but some of the designs also widely eccentric and totally intriguing—and fun! It’s complete screen-printed goodness in both color and black and white!

Broken Fingaz

More screen print goodness coming to you, but in a totally different way. Broken Fingaz hypes itself on its graffiti print t-shirts splayed with beautiful street art you’d normally see sprayed on a wall, but with maddening skill that you’d wonder why this group isn’t strictly art professional.  The art on their tees is fine tuned in a street wear sense with detailed pictures featuring animals, monsters, and logos.

Splinty Design

splintydesign1 splintydesign2

Splinty Design is an art and design studio that focuses mainly on collage aesthetic, their profile reads on the official T-Market page.  Their collage aesthetics are masterpieces on the plain t-shirt, taking them all to another level with precision unmatched by other t-shirt labels showcasing at the same event.  It’s as if they took a painting, mixed it with a cartoon, and splashed it onto a t-shirt.  They also do coasters, notebooks, placements and greeting cards. I feel something 3-d about their design but only because they are so exquisite and so detailed that they literally seem to jump off the page.

I definitely wish I could have written about all the great designers that were featured at the fair, but alas, there were over 90 and I don’t have the power today! But keep checking back as the T-Market happens every couple of months in Tel Aviv (and Beersheva and Jerusalem and Haifa) and each time is better than the last!


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