Florals in Wonderland

Spring is blooming!

While the weather changes from hot to cold every other day, I have been noticing with fervor that me that flowers are currently everywhere in Tel Aviv…and not just in the pots!

Floral patterns aren’t anything new but suddenly they’re on all the dresses, blouses, shirts, and yes, even the pants and tights!

Alice in Wonderland Limited Edition Collection, Castro

Suddenly girls in Tel Aviv are flaunting floral leggings! Not sure why exactly, nor do I especially like this trend. But it’s there and we must accept it.

Floral Leggings, H&M

I wrote a celebrity post for Second City Style recently remarking on the florals being worn by celebs like Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Mischa Barton. I called it Floral Is The New Black. Because it is. Why wear basic colors when you can really make a statement with flirty, feminine prints.

I wrote the post because for the past month, I’ve been collecting photos from all over Tel Aviv of friends, fashion bloggers, and fashionistas who have dared to wear this beautiful trend.

Here’s what I’ve found:

Yaara Keydar, Fashion Designer

Judith Cornberg

Studio Rupa, Dizengoff St.

Sigal Dekel, Fashion Designer

Sheer Floral Tights, Vered S

Digital Print Floral, Zara

Tali Feldman

Floral Bedspread

Floral Ring

Diva by Castro

Dress by Cut Out

Floral Ring

Floral Dress, Zara

Watercolor Florals, Daniel DeeZee Photography

Fabric Flowers, Mirit Weinstock, Photo by Amit Israeli

Blue Floral Top from Topshop


2 thoughts on “Florals in Wonderland

  1. sefi

    I love everything floral. it’s my favorit trend of the spring!
    it’s a great post cause it’s interesting to see how other people waer this trend.

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