Happy Birthday Israel!

In honor of Israel’s 62nd birthday, which has just come and gone, there are a few things the fashion world has done to remember the history of their beloved homeland.

First, Noa Levy, fashion buyer and blogger at Coolil, wrote up a great blog post on the Israeli fashion trends of the past that have resurfaced in Israeli society.  While it’s a great example of the repetition of fashion trends in time across the world (gladiator shoes were in once, now they’re back, same with those acid-wash jeans) It’s a great way to look to see what Israeli fashion says about Israeli culture.

You’ll have to read the post for the full scoop, but here’s some short commentary:


Khakis reflected the youth rebel and the early immigration of the 40s, Noa said, and it fit with Israel’s warm climate, and its eagerness to shy away from the stiff structure of Europe.  Just as well, the early pioneer in Israel was reflected in his casual work clothes.  Today, the trend is back  in summer collections for the warm climate, if nothing else.

Plastic Sandals

I remember when I bought clear Israeli gladiator jellies from Anat Mikulinsky’s boutique on Dizengoff, my Israeli friends would point at me and taunt, “”Shkafkafim! Shkafkafim!” This word means see-through shoes in Hebrew and many of my friends wore them to the beach when they were young.  As you can see, the trend is obviously back and bigger then ever!

Also mentioned:

  • Strap Sandals
  • Ethnic-Inspired Dresses
  • Floral Prints
  • Harem Pants
  • Swimwear


A few days ago, Stylist’it, the only other Israeli fashion blog I know written in English, mentioned that Lupa, an Israeli picture book website, began printing t-shirts and came out with a very special t-shirt just for Israeli Independence Day.  The shirt is only 49 shekels online and can be worn for many years to come!


Finally, for a really great  take on Israeli fashion from the beginning of the creation of the State, check out Nurit Bat-Yaar‘s album-book Israeli Fashion Art 1948-2008.  It was created by a former fashion editor of Yediot Aharonot, which is Israeli most popular newspaper.  Even if you can’t read Hebrew, it’s definitely  an impressive look at the shaping of a new and beautiful country through fashion and the people who wear it.  By the way, it does have an English introduction and may soon be published in English, too.

In any case, a picture’s worth a thousand words in fashion!

Rightfully so, Yuli Ziv, of the social shopping site My It Things, proudly calls it’s Israel’s fashion bible!

By the way, for a more poignant look at the Israeli fashion world from Nurit herself, you must read Yuli’s interview with the “First Lady of Israeli fashion” published this past March.

It gives us all true insight into the world of Israeli fashion then and now.


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