A Piece of Plastic

While the South Tel Aviv Gan HaHashmal (Electric Garden) neighborhood has a rep as mecca for Israeli indie designer hotspots like the famed Frau Blau, last weekend was actually my first time there! Can you believe it?

I went there for the Plastic Shuk, which went back to its roots, taking place in a venue that it had previously taken over for past markets. While my first Plastic Shuk a couple months ago was in a new locale, the Kibbutz B’Ir on Karlibach, I could definitely see why it went back to this oldie but goodie.

After all, the venue, a club called ה”מסי on 10 HaSharon St., with its stylish decor, intricate corners, and upstairs and downstairs floors, was just that much more accommodating to more than 50 designers that showcased their wares. It just felt like home–like where the event was supposed to be.

My friend Angel (who has a new vintage blog by the way, y’all!) and I traipsed amongst the different designers, trying on pieces, gasping over jewelry, and taking pictures. Here are our favorite items from the event and the inspirational designers we found together.

Doberman’s Steampunk Jewelry

This line is unique, impressive, but completely and utterly wearable. The entire line is inspired by and made up of antique clock parts. Each piece is handmade using these clock parts to create all sorts of necklaces, pins, bracelets, earrings and more. We looked over the collection for a while because we were both in awe over its unusual vintage appeal.

Do Ber Man Steampunk Jewelery is located at Rechov Rochma 14, Noga Center, Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Telephone: 050 7747303

Etsy Shop: http://www.automatiek.etsy.com

E-Mail: automatiek.etsy@gmail.com


Designer Ofir Ivgi, who created this one-of-a-kind urban chic line is just 18-years old! 18-years old! And yet, his punky line was better than any other designer’s line that day. Each piece is custom made and beautifully glam in an edgy way. We saw digital print skirts, acid wash vests, and one-of-a-kind dresses and skirts made of quilted fabrics in black, blue, and white patterns, sewn together in squares. I wasn’t supposed to spend money that day but I had to buy my very own dress for my own collection because I was so impressed.

What makes it even more worthwhile? As far as I know, I’m the only one in the country who has one! But probably not for long! Alexander Wang, looks like you may have some competition coming soon.

If you’d like to purchase something from Hapeyano, please call 052-331-4515.

Rock or Die

My favorite line from blogs past, this collection of pieces bought from Hong Kong and all over have had an structured urban rocker vibe in the past. Items ranged from tie-dye shirts to pointy shouldered blazers and pencil skirts. This collection, though, was a wee bit different. The urban glam pieces weren’t replaced, but additions include a range of flirty femme items with lace, floral, pearls, and white. Still loved it, as usual and I’m always heading over to creator Michal Dafnai’s Rock or Die sales, which are held in her own apartment.

This next one for Spring is being held this Friday from 11:00-18:00 on Herman Cohen 14 Apartment 2.

Rock or Die is located at Herman Cohen 14, Apt. 2

Telephone: 052-8715180

E-mail: Michal.Dafnai@gmail.com


If you know me and Angel, then you know we have very different styles. Angel likes vintage, but she is inspired by dresses from the 40s and 50s and for Spring, this usually means frocks in pastel colors like light green, yellow, pink, light blue, and white. I, on the other hand, am a fan of the punky look and enjoy digital prints, neon, trends and bolder colors. Funny enough, Mona had something for both of us. While Angel was a fan of the printed 50s-inspired dress above, I had a hard time saying no to this colorful floral blouse below. Looks like Mona has something for everyone.

Mona (Moriah W) can be reached at:

Telephone: 052-355-1366

E-mail: moriah_w@hotmail.com

At the event, I ran into my fashionista friend Morgane, a French girl who moved to Israel and is slowly styling up the not-so-fashion-savvy Beersheva where she currently lives. Morgane definitely knows how to make a statement in her clothes and this is totally obvious from her outfit post blog, The Leopard Legs, and her outfit at the event . She paired a camel-colored trench (so French, it had that je ne sai quois), bold graphic print tights, and pink studded heels.

Buying a one-of-a-kind dress, hanging with my best fashion pal, and running into a fellow fashion blogger–not bad for my second time at the Plastik Shuk!

Photos: Angel Cutsforth


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