Daily Outfit Post #6

Latex Leggings: American Apparel, Graphic Tank: H&M (New York), White Tank: Topshop (Tel Aviv), Black Vest: Ann Taylor (A gift from a relative), Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Skinny Belt: Banana Republic, Bracelets: Topshop, H&M, Forever21, Castro, Ring: Heart Necklace: Korin Gold-Megadim

I’m very proud of myself for creating this outfit because while most of the clothes are American brands bought in America (in other words, not Israeli fashion) I personally believe that this outfit looks very Israeli.  That’s not to say that I wouldn’t wear it in the United States, because perhaps I would, and  that’s also not to say that Israeli girls don’t dress up in a variety of looks when they go out from peasant tops to flip flops because they do. But this ensemble, created with pieces I never thought would go together, reminds me of the typical Tel Avivit as opposed to the typical New Yorker.

So what is the Israeli look I’m referring to? It’s the slightly more Euro glam appeal with a little punk thrown in. I do think Israelis dress more edgy then the typical American.  They also like to comb out the bangs in their straight black hair, use lots of gel, and wear tight fitting leggings with patterned shirts.

Can we say rocker chic?


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