EXCLUSIVE Interview with Inbar Shahak

Jewelry designer Inbar Shahak doesn’t live in the hustle and bustle of Israel’s fashion capital Tel Aviv.  She lives in a kibbutz community by the city called Ma’agen Michael in front of Zichron Ya’akov and right by the sea.

Still, that doesn’t keep her unique sterling silver and gold pieces from looking as chic as the ones sold on Dizengoff St.  In fact, Inbar says the quiet and peaceful setting actually helps her ease into creating her designs–which are fronted by unique lace and crochet designs.

Inbar Shahak is actually a textile designer by trade.  So why jewelry? Inbar decided that when knitting a whole outfit became too much, she wanted to focus on a new way to bring textiles to the forefront.

“I was looking for a way to make the textile or textile ideas become the first voice on stage and not one in the background,” she says.

Looks like she’s done it with her gorgeous “Indian Glory” line made entirely from metal coated with silver or 24 karat gold.  The jewelry is handmade in various crochet designs and knitting patterns and manufactured with a photo chemical print technique after being drawn by hand.  They are combined with semi precious gems.

There’s also the “Victorian Flowers” line made from a sterling silver in filigree technique and inspired of Victorian lace patterns.

"Victorian Flowers"

Other lines include “Armor Lace”, Nature Blossom, and the intricate Silver Lace.  She showcases some of her designs in photos for her latest catalog.

Inbar Shahak was kind enough to answer a few questions about her collection exclusively for Fashion Israel readers.

Describe the kind of jewelry you make.  What kind of person would buy your jewelry?

The silver “Victorian Flowers” collection is very elegant and can easily fit a special occasion or a bride.

The “Armor Lace”  collection is more fashion jewelry and can make a statement for everyday life or just give an upgrade to to basic evening wear.

What is your favorite piece from your collection and why?

My favorite piece from the  Indian Glory collection is the Wing necklace.  I think it gives you a feel of freedom, creativity, and pure emotion.  It is what an angel wing should look like.

From the “Victorian Flowers collection, I love the Medallion necklace and earrings mostly because I think it shows precisely the gentle and sophisticated filigree work and is combined with a string that is normally used for the embroidery of a Talit (Jewish prayer shawl) to make a necklace.

What is the inspiration behind your jewelry?

A Victorian lace knitting pattern.

How does your jewelry cater to an Israeli audience?  What is your opinion on Israeli fashion?

I think that there are a lot of great designers, but sometimes when you walk along, the designs don’t look different enough from each other.  Some of it comes from the fact that it is a small country. Everybody buys the same fabric and has the same looking shops and so on. So it is very important to still keep that personal touch and to make sure you have your own unique style.

(We think you’re doing just that, Inbar!)

What does Israeli jewelry and fashion bring to the international buyer?

I think Israeli jewelry designers are very creative and they normally do not go for traditional ways of making jewelery. This brings some fabulous results!

How can someone buy your jewelery? Do they contact you directly? Is it sold in Israel?

I am selling my jewelery in the Ravid jewelry chain stores throughout Israel. They have several shops across the country.  People can also buy directly from me or simpyl contact me for the shop nearest to their place.

Inbar Shahak Textile Jewelery. 972-52-336-9087. inbars@gmail.com  Inbar Shahak.

Photos: Rani Lurie

Model 1: Nataly Levi

Model 2 (Silver Lace): Mimi Tadesa

Bags in photos belong to the Estella collection.


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