The Bag To End All Bags

Every time I pass a store called Swingers, about two stores down from my building, I must stop and gawk at this bag! You saw it first in my Floral Trends post, and I have not stopped looking at it since!

I remember when it was prominently displayed in the front window and for some reason I thought it was on sale.  No siree, Bob! By the time, I finally decided that I should ask about the price, it was no longer there.

My heart gave a start.  I wondered if the season had passed and it was no longer being sold.  I entered to ask about it, nonetheless, and there it was, hanging amidst the other leather purses in the back of the tiny store.

At least in the back, less people would notice.  I gulped.

I gaped at the price.  It was wayyy above my limit, but continued onward, asking the saleswoman if it was indeed, on sale, and hoping above all hope, that it truly was!

“No, this isn’t on sale,” the woman said, “It’s part of our new collection.”

Part of our new collection?! But it’s been around for months!

Studio Rupa, a beautiful label of artists who make tights, socks, and purses. 420nis. I’m waiting with bated breath for the price to go down.  Then it’s mine!


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