Put a Little Color in Your Clutch!

I’m quite proud of a recent post I did for Israel accessories and design shopping site Coolil on what the color of one’s clutch says about the woman who carries it.  And since all of the clutches are from Israeli designers (all found on Coolil, no less,) I think this totally speaks to the personality of the typical Israeli woman, who can be more fiery than the fiercest red or playful but hip with summery light blue.

I wrote:

Israeli designers, too, have caught onto this booming trend, realizing that women can get a little daring, if not with their wardrobe, with their purse! They are currently creating loads of clutches in bold but beautiful shades.

Yellow, Light Blue, Shiny Red, Pattern,  and Blue are featured on the site.  But I went ahead and wrote about a few more colors, exclusively for blog readers.

I chose a few of my favorite clutches from the Coolil site (different from the ones featured in the actual post) to highlight what I said about the right color for the Israeli woman.

Green: The thing I love about Israeli fashion is that women are edgy, urban, and not afraid to take a risk.  That’s why I’m not surprised at all someone created this beautiful Heart Clutch Wallet in a funky shade of green.  It totally pops against black or white and it gives those Israeli women that punky look that some of them always seem to be striving for. If I were you, I would grab this in green or purple.

Pink: Pink to me say flirty, feminine and fun.  But what I love about the vibrancy of the Italian leather pink on this Corto Clutch Bag by Hilla Toledano, is just how trendy, but friendly it looks all in one.  Pink says frothy summertime, girly bubblegum, but not this clutch.  You can wear it with your leather jacket and mix up girly and punk.

Bronze: Maybe bronze is a little edgy for some, but for me, this color reminds me of someone classic, but cool.  Elegant, but with a little splash.  Because bronze is a bit more difficult to pair with something that’s boasting color, you’ll probably wear it to give your solid dark colors (navy, burgundy, black, and dark green) a little kick.  Or wear it with white for something wintery in summertime and you’ll have everyone scratching their heads. Very mysterious 🙂  Daniella Lehavi’s Hockney Clutch Purse is the perfect match.

Read my post on Coolil for more clutch color options


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