Desperately Seeking Style in The Holy City

Author: Beverley Paris

I am beyond THRILLED to welcome Beverley Paris to the Fashion Israel team.  She hails from New Zealand but makes her home in Emek Refaim in Jerusalem.

As you’ve noticed, because I live in Tel Aviv and most of the fashion is known to be in this area, I haven’t been able to cover much of the fashion elsewhere in Israel. (Yes, it’s there!)

When I started asking around for more writers, Beverley told me she would be interested in writing about Jerusalem.  Jerusalem is not the first place you would think of when it comes to Israeli fashion, but it holds a bevy of hidden fashion treasures, whether it’s the newish high-end Mamilla mall, or the more modest religious boutique near Kikar Zion.  Beverley will be filling us all in on the classic and sometimes surprising fashion world of our holiest city.~~Simona

Now, here’s a little preview:

I have lived in Jerusalem for almost 10 years.

I often think that Jerusalem is the place where fashion goes to die.  The joys of fashion and style simply don’t survive the cobblestones.  The souls of your shoes are literally ruined as you run around taking care of your other soul.  I guess when it comes down to it, Louboutins or spiritual enlightenment, the red-souls are fighting a losing battle.

Without meaning to sound conceited people generally compliment me on my style.  I think they do this because I live in Jerusalem and I can’t help but blink as a taken an exit on the Ayalon and enter Tel Aviv.  So while I genuinely adore my Jerusalem and think it has many wonderful things, I know you wouldn’t come here and spend hundreds of dollars because you stumbled upon this gorgeous item you literally couldn’t live without.

The other day my long-time stylista/Twitter friend said she was looking for help with her fashion blog, she said “I could do with a Jerusalem perspective.”  Here’s a challenge I thought to myself as I made my way home from finally meeting Simona in Tel Aviv.

Then I had my own little epiphany, a vision: I saw three fashionably dressed women, the right accents, wearing a little bit of floral, florescent nail polish, very short-shorts, it was young, playful, a kind of urban American Apparel cool and I thought perhaps I’m wrong and amongst crocs, head scarves and layers of gypsy skirts with jeans, there is hope?

So here it is, one woman’s personal pilgrimage from the Western Wall to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Mamilla to Malcha, the Souk to Talpiot  a search for style in the holy city: The good, bad and we hope the fashionable.

I desperately need your help – comment or e-mail us your ideas – the more the merrier and in the meantime, welcome along for the ride.

Photo: Jerusalemite-Ben Jacobson


2 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking Style in The Holy City

  1. HAVA

    HI, as i READ YOUR POST ” crocs, head scarves and layers of gypsy skirts with jeans, there is hope?”
    on jerusalem fashion, i was wondering :isn’t Fashion about having style in the end? i do sense a certain style, maybe not the definition we are used to when we live overseas, but a “jerusalem style” where layering and head scarves have a place too.French women tie their hermes scarves around their neck,jerusalmites around their heads, as you mentionned the streets are not made for louboutin, nor manolos, or any other stilettos.Some parisian areas are also covered with pebblestones, french women adapt with flat ballet shoes and no heels around those streets.Let’s not forget that most of the women who live in jerusalem don’t spend nor earn as much as the ones in tel aviv, paris or new york.Finally fashion has become more accessible in terms of price and look,(h&m, zara, mango, etc..) yet Taste is something very Subjective…and Thank God that not all of the women follow the same codes of fashion. How boring and dull that would be!!!???

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