Budget Fashion

I apologize for the lack of update…but hey, I’m finally on vacation! It’s not that I don’t love Israel…it’s just that life can be a little overwhelming at times and I’m on a much needed break!

I’m in Prague, a beautiful, eerie, somewhat old world gothic city, where the fashion isn’t actually so amazing. While I prefer Israel, it IS fun to be a tourist–despite the fact that I often feel like a tourist in my own country as well.

In the mean time, a short little outfit post, highlighting a budget tank top I bought on Allenby St. at a cheap-ish store called Stoogie. Can you believe this pretty purple and green floral top was only 30nis? That’s just $8!

Stoogie is located next to the Castro Outlet in an area of Allenby that’s known more for its cheap prices than its quality of clothing.

In fact, you’ll have to search hard through the racks of imitation python print, ruched sleeves, patterned dresses, and face emblazoned tees, but you will find that diamond in the rough, as I did.

I think this looks just as good as anything I’d find on Dizengoff St. and at that price, I don’t care if it falls apart tomorrow!


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