Avigail Adam’s One-of-a-Kind Creations

Deborah Moher

Author: Deborah Moher

Under the bright sunshine of Tel Aviv , the beautiful colours of Avigail Adam‘s creations stand out from the other stalls sitting on Dizengoff selling beautiful one-of-a-kind hair jewelry and accessories.

Avigail is a remarkably talented designer, who grew up in Jerusalem and after studying archaeology in the Hebrew University, roamed around the world for a number of years collecting culture and inspiration in the chicest of cities.

Incorporating her love for archaeology and aesthetics, her creations are a cross between Helen of Troy and the flappers of the 20’s.

Gold is a main theme in Avigail’s collection. Her gold headbands are delicate and regal with butterflies,bows,leaves and other stunning gems.

Avigail’s creations were originally a hobby.  After making one of the pieces for her sister,  her sister decided she wouldn’t wear it and returned it to the designer. Apparently this wasn’t for lack of talent as a shop in Neve Tzedek then spotted the work of art, and insisted on selling them in their store.

They we’re all sold within the day.

Now, laughs Avigail, her sister is her biggest fan and buys them in stock load!

Avigail’s hairbands with colorful flowers, butterflies, and big bows cleverly sitting on one side of the band, are also very popular.

Her hairclips and slides are exquisite, gold plated and beautifully crafted slides which wont go unnoticed around town.

Avigail’s creations can be found at her stall outside on the corner of Frishman St. and Dizengoff and on a Saturday at the Namal. She’s also appeared in the Plastic Shuk last month and this month will be selling at the Accessories Fair from May 20-25 on Ibn Gvirol.

Israeli celebrities have even caught on.  Keren Peles and Esti Ginzburg have been seen wearing Avigail’s handywork as well as Ayala from Israel’s Big Brother.

She sells her wares within boutiques in Israel like Yosef on Dizengoff St. in Tel Aviv.  Avigail is also selling big outside of the country, in little speciality stores in London and Canada.  Definitely worth a look!

Check out Avigail Adam’s stunning creations on her official website here.


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