Gal Stern’s New Spring/Summer Collection

You might be wondering why I’ve been featuring so many accessories lately.  Inbar Shahak jewelry, Avigail Adam headbands

Perhaps it’s because I also blog for, an Israeli accessories and design site catering to people outside of Israel.  But really, I’d like to think it’s because I’m just in love with the latest that Israeli designers have to offer! (Still coveting that floral Studio Rupa bag by the way…)

In any case, when I take a look at a talented designer like Gal Stern, I know exactly why I have a penchant for pretty accessory designs.  As you may or may not have read on this blog in the past, Gal is a textile designer who graduated from the Shenkar School of Engineering and Design and has created her own line of embossed tights, many of them with snakeskin prints and fish scales patterns.

Quite the chic and innovative trick to helping every fashionista make a statement even when the rest of their outfit is monotone.

The big news is, however, that Gal has not only redesigned her official website, which now offers a chic layout and new shop of her latest designs, but she has also come out with her urban-chic Spring/Summer collection.  Gal adds the Urban Collection to her luscious line, which already includes Wild Collection (shark print, snakeskin, and lizard embossed tights galore) and her Classic Collection (love those gold patterned goldfish tights!)

Photograhper Dean Podmore Make up and Hair Shella Thomas Model Kirsten Stylist Kat Traill @

Perhaps not as statement making as one of her pairs with scales, the Urban Collection still draws the eye to the creativity that can come of a simple pair of stockings.  This sleek collection of footless leggings has handmade patterns that look like butterfly nets, beehives, and lace from mid-thigh to ankle creating a cool juxtaposition between flirty and punk princess. Gal also adds a mod pair of shiny white tights.

Butterfly Net

While Gal sells in Israel, in the US (Topstitch boutique and Chicago’s Tel Aviv Couture), and through other online publications like Farfetch and Sense of Fashion, we suggest heading over to Gal’s personal site. It has a sexy new look and the emergence of an online shop, which Gal created when her biggest fans clamored for it.

I’m clamoring for it, too…I’ve got to get my hands on that Urban Collection!

Gal Stern

6/1 Hanita st.
Kfar Saba
44405, Israel

M: +972-544-890059
F: +972-72-2512323




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