How Israelis Wear Vintage

When it comes to fashion, a picture’s worth a thousand words. It seems fellow Israeli fashion blogger Angel Cutsforth knows this quite well and proves it with her post dedicated to how Israelis wear vintage.

The post includes pictorial demonstrations from conjured up by Angel. I knew that Angel was a vintage expert, but I had no idea she could get the way Israelis wear vintage down pat.

Take for example, this 1950s vintage-esque nautical sail shirt and blue skirt combination that Angel would typically wear in her heavily vintage-inspired wardrobe. Angel added a thick layered necklace, small vest, and flat open-toed sandals, because as we all know, Israelis add more flip flops to their style than most fashionistas.

The vintage femme look took on an edgy urban approach in the style of more hipster Israeli fashion.

For more on how Israeli wear vintage, check out Angel’s post on her new blog: Modern Vintage Girl.


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