Vintage Hotspots in Tel Aviv For Every Budget

Author: Angel Cutsforth

Modern Vintage Girl blogger Angel Cutsforth gives us the scoop on where to shop for some of the best vintage and secondhand pieces in Tel Aviv…

I’ve been in Israel for three and a half years now, for half of that time I’ve been buying a lot of my clothes second hand or vintage, while I certainly don’t know all of the shops in Tel-Aviv I know a few that really have some good stuff that I’ve shopped at with small and large budgets.

53 Bograshov Street

This shop is not really vintage, it’s a swishing store. All of the stock comes from the average person that just wants a little bit of money for their unwanted clothes. The owner looks over the items that she’s brought and decides what suits the style of her store. She tries to take items with a retro feel but I have to say that over the past few seasons with retro pieces being copied on the high street, Ophira’s choice of 70’s and 80’s inspired or actual vintage pieces really fit into the Israeli aesthetic.

Price Scale: 1NIS – 200NIS

The Cafe Mograbi and Vintage Store
33 Allenby St.

This shop while similar to Aderet has more actual vintage pieces since the owner sources some of his pieces abroad. There is another great aspect to this store. It has a cafe downstairs! Imagine going for a cofee and cake and then popping upstairs to get a vintage dress or something. Brilliant!

A word of warning, not everything in the shop is vintage, some things are just second hand. This shop to me is not a typical Israeli shop, but the cafe culture is huge in Israel and with the cafe downstairs I think this mixes two huge Israeli past times: shopping and coffee.

Price Scale: 1NIS –  250NIS

5 Simtat Almonit

This shop is possibly one of the most famous vintage shops in Tel-Aviv, having a mention in the Lonely Planet guide for Israel as a wide ranging vintage store. While all of the stock is sourced abroad it retains it’s Israeli feel with the varied styles it carries to create the typical Israeli vintage mismatched look. (I’ve written about this on my blog).

The decades covered by this specialist store are from the late 1800’s to the 1980’s. While normally more expensive than the other shops the owner bi-yearly has a 10-50NIS sale in order to clear stock. A great time to find some of those special items you might not have looked at.

Price Scale: 50NIS –  1000NIS

Rak Shnia
1 Levontin St., Gan Hahashmal

This shop is a mix between a vintage shop and a second hand store. The owner brings designer bags and jeans from abroad and mixes them with beautiful vintage dresses. With a great mix of mid century clothing and modern designer pieces. Again slightly more expensive than some other shops for the designer pieces the vintage is well worth is being regularly restocked and in great condition. To me this shop represents Israeli style, for those who have no problem with money: designer pieces mixed in with vintage and modern.

Price Scale: 100NIS – 2000NIS

For more vintage and second hand stores in Israel please take a look at my blog and this index run by Aliza Yatom:

Photos: Eretz, The Magazine of Israel, Tel Aviv 4 Fun, Angel Cutsforth


4 thoughts on “Vintage Hotspots in Tel Aviv For Every Budget

  1. Gabriella

    One of the newest 2nd hand clothing stores in Tel Aviv can be found at the corner of Dizengoff and Frishman Streets just inside the Hod Passage.
    More along the lines of Aderet, the fashions are not vintage, but rather unique items at really great prices- modern and trendy.

  2. litlpom

    A new secondhand and vintage store in Jerusalem – Havazelet str. 15, close to Jaffa str.
    A lot of unique items, acsessorises, vintage clothes. Designer items – Escada, D&G, RL. Prices are just great – from 5 NIS!

  3. gondi klara

    Hi, I am from Hungary, vintage bag collector , decided to sell some of my items. If you are interested in I can send pictures. My husband israeli, so we often visiting. Best wishes: Klara

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