Shani Bar Shoes

Have you ever fallen in love with a pair of shoes?

I can say with full-fledged confidence that I have.  And guess what, I found them in my very own city.

Ever wonder how every garment, every piece of jewelery, every shoe, has a story? Here’s the story of how I found these pair of shoes.

I was walking on Dizengoff St. north towards the Espresso Bar at the corner of Ben Gurion/Dizengoff to meet my friend for a cup of late night coffee (it was after 10 by this time.)

Of course, long walks always give the typical fashionista a chance to gawk at the boutiques along the way–and we all know Dizengoff has many of those!

Suddenly, I stopped and stared at the window display for the Dorin Frankfurt store.  Dorin Frankfurt, in case you don’t know, is one of the most well-known and recognized Israeli designers for the modern (and modest) Israeli woman.  She has a lot of classic pieces with a few trendy patterns.

Actually, I didn’t look at the clothes at all. I was staring at the shoes on the mannequins.  One wore a pair of patent navy blue Mary-Janes with just a tiny square heel. The other wore those mustard colored yellow peep toe wedges shown above.

I instantly became obsessed with the peeptoes, figuring out how much they would cost and trying to formulate a plan in my head to buy them since I knew thy would be expensive (how could they not be, they were just so pretty!) Of course, I couldn’t buy them at the time, it was after 10pm.  And I usually worked during the day so when would I have a chance to buy them.  And really could I actually afford them?

Blessedly, my bosses gave me the day off this week and after getting all my errands done (which meant heading to a few job interviews, going to check out a grad school, more on that later) I headed over to the Dorin Frankfurt store to find out just how much I wanted those shoes.

I was in for a big surprise when I learned they weren’t Dorin Frankfurt shoes at all, but Shani Bar!

It was obvious that Dorin Frankfurt had good taste.  After all, she was merging with this stylish shoe designer to add some sleekness to her already feminine styles for her display at one of her most well known store stops.

Shani Bar has been creating and designer her own exclusive brand of shoes (and bags!) since 2003 after graduating from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.

It’s obvious that she celebrates the old and the new, the mod and the retro in her designs, which are lavish, vintage, trendy, but not over the top.  Also artistic.  And yet, comfortable and classic! Ultra-sophisticated and femme are words that come to mind.

Many of her shoes are in bright colors of green and yellow and red, some with a patent sheen or a croc texture.  Still, others take on geometric shapes and minimalist lines.

I ventured across the street and turned left towards her shop.  It was a clean wooden space, where it was obvious that the shoes would make the statements and not so much the decor (though it was mod, nonetheless. )

I saw lots of shoes I adored include slip ons with bows in green and yellow, black croc textured peep toes and these red, blue and white moccasins that for some reason reminded me of summer in London.

The saleswoman was very helpful and I ended up trying on those mustard colored peeptoes I adored.  They were super comfortable, almost too good to be true.  And I bought them!

They also come in black and brown.

Shani Bar, 151 Dizengoff St., Tel Aviv,, 972-3-527-8451



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