Daily Outfit Post #7

Green shirt: Forever 21, Black necklace: Diva by Castro, Flower Blouse: Vintage, Leggings: Zara, Shoes: Shani Bar

I’m not really one to wear poppy Spring colors. I’m more of a black, purple, blue, and neon kind of girl.  Somehow, though, this outfit came together around a pair of shoes.

Ever put an outfit together around a pair of shoes?

I know you have!

As you noticed in my last post, I bought a pair of beautiful mustard colored lace up peep toe wedges from the ultra chic Israeli accessories designer Shani Bar. Of course, my first instinct was to pair the totally comfortable square heels with black and make at least part of the outfit pop. But then I realized I needed some color in my life.  I found the green shirt from an older pile. I must have bought a few years ago from Forever 21.  The leggings were obvious.  Not too long, but totally comfortable.  And then that silky flower button down? My roommate bought it from the daily market down at Kikar Dizengoff…for 5 shekels! She definitely knows how to find her vintage.

What do you think of this ensemble?


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