Rihanna Comes To Israel

Before the music cancellations really hit home (there were many bands that were supposed to perform in Israel and decided to forgo their performances, thanks to the Flotilla chaos), there was one rock star who DID make it to Israel and enjoyed herself.

And she happens to be the most fashionable one of the pack.

This lady visited an Egyptian market, helped paint a mural, went swimming, and on May 30, held a concert at Bloomfield’s Stadium in Yafo with throngs of screaming fans who had also performed 4 hours of community service.

Of course, she kept up the great outfits while she did–topping off her ensembles with black bodysuits and animal print scarves.

Rihanna certainly made an impact in the Holy Land–whether it was through her clothes or her amazing talent, we’re not quite so sure.

Here are the posh and pretty looks that Rihanna wore during her stay in Israel.

Rihanna loves her colorful prints (reminds her of her native Barbados, perhaps?) and this was obvious as she wore them throughout her stay, opting for lots of comfy, long, but loud dresses and some strappy suede sandals that she was seen wearing during much of her two day stay.

For dinner in Tel Aviv, she paired a beautiful black and white print dress with long sleeves and those sleek sandals.

During a trip to a community center in Tel Aviv and a press conference that followed, Rihanna was all smiles as she basked in the glory in a transparent striped and textured beige and white Fair Isle sweater.  She’s not afraid to show a little tummy (or a little white bra for that matter.) She paired it with greenish-gray Pareese pants from Diane von Furstenberg and silver sequined ankle boots.

Sunning herself at the pool in her hotel, Rihanna keeps the color going with a bold bikini of many colors.

It’s DVF all the way as Rihanna waltzes through Jerusalem in a colorful bold $695 Diane von Furstenberg Lucretia Silk Maxi dress which “mismatched with a blue leopard print scarf.  You can get a similar one at ASOS. She visited an Egyptian market and a church as well as the Westren Wall (but wouldn’t let reporters know what she had written as her wish. And who could blame her? So not cool of them for asking!)

In truly Lady Gaga form, Rihanna made her grand entrance at the concert, wtih a side tilted porcupine head covering.

Most of her concert considered of asymetrical one-sleeve black dresses, black leotards, and combat boots. I’m surprised this fashion queen didn’t have more colors, more bold looks, more costume changes!

I guess she’ll let her voice (and that amazing partially shaved ‘do) do the talking!

Photos: Celebrity-gossip.net, Just Jared, Rnbmusicblog, Oh No You Didn’t!, Scott Piro


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