Did You Get The Memo?

There’s a bright spot on the American fashion scene and it has to do with letting the world know all about Israeli fashion news.

Did you get the memo? The Pink Memo.

Dana Eldad of MODAna Israeli fashion blog fame has been blogging for the ultra-cool online fashion lifestyle e-zine Pink Memo and spreading the good on lots of Israeli fashion news that’s happening here.

It’s about time the world learns just how cool it is.

Sigal Dekel

First it was hyping up hot trends in Israel like colorful nail polish after the army and wearing Sigal Dekel to the workplace and then it was reporting on the latest fashion happenings here like designer Yosef’s 10th anniversary party, shoe fashion blogger Nalula’s foray into perfume blogging, and the Israel Parliamnet’s ban on underweight models.

Israeli fashion designer Yosef

Read Dana’s Pink Memo blog posts for all the latest on what’s happening in Israeli fashion at the moment but also because she’s just really good at picking up trends and creating new ideas on how to have fun with fashion. (Did you hear about her virtual clothes trade party idea? Genius!)

Photos: Pink Memo, MODAna


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