Feast Your Eyes On This!

Last week, I met with a friend who told me about the amazing outfit she was wearing. Ripped acid-wash jeans, an asymmetrically cut black tee layered over pink and strappy blue sandals.  Each piece was less than 30nis.

I wondered if I could ever be so stylish for so cheap. Now I can!

As someone who moved to Israel less than 3 years ago and trying to make ends meet, it’s hard to keep up with my over-the-top shopping habits.  There’s a reason why my bank account is always in the minus.

Lucky for me, it is possible to look chic without spending big bucks thanks to a huge fashion event happening this Friday.

Whether you’re an Israeli with a full-time job, a student trying to make ends meet, or someone from England, Argentina, Italy, Spain, France or the US (and everywhere in between) just visiting for the summer, we know you’re watching your spending, too.

That’s why the fashion sale happening tomorrow on 23 Nahalat Binyamin in Tel Aviv is just perfect for you!

Everything there is going to be under 50nis!

Secondhand shops throughout  town and Allenby St. aren’t the only places for cheap fashion thrills!

Can you believe it? I can actually go to this sale without worrying about emptying my wallet.  Or I can empty it with pride, knowing that I got some of the best items in town while only spending 50nis or less

A hip cafe called קאסימה  (Kasima) with the help of fashion entrepreneur Rony Cohen and poet and artist Avishai Pace are making style a lot easier on your wallet without downgrading the quality of some of the most stylish Israeli fashion items around!

The sale is honor of the students at Israel’s top fashion school Shenkar College of Engineering and Design who work hard to create the fashionable designs you want most, while struggling to earn their keep by other means

I’ve already eyed up some exclusive pictures (shown here) and the pieces  are just precious.

Friday, June 25.  11:00-18:00.

23 Nahalat Binyamin (Through the blue gate)

Entrance is free!

Come early to get your fill of new and secondhand shoes, jewelry,  bags, belts, clothing, pins, and bows!

Photos: Eli Buhbut


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