I know what you’re thinking. This post is going to be all about a brand new website featuring the hottest and most popular Israeli models around. Right? WRONG!

Freshmeat is actually the very clever name of a brand new fashion website created by Shenkar College of Engineering and Design students in order to feature those Israeli indie fashion designers that need and deserve the recognition of the Israeli community for their perseverance and rising talent. Thought you knew all the indie designers in Israel? You don’t! After perusing the cool site, and talking to one of its creators, a Shenkar student named Gal, I learned Freshmeat allows each of its designers to include a profile as well as his or her own e-boutique to sell his wares.

“We have a high emphasis on presenting the designer as an individual person that is connected to his art,” says Gal.

This is managed using a super-friendly interface.  The fashion items are presented with a friendly, but cutting-edge open-source technology and can receive rates and comments by site visitors.

During the last half of the year, Gal and his pal Nadav devoted themselves to the making of this website which became an e-market devoted to hip and young Israeli fashion and jewelry designers

They were there from the very beginning, working on the website from scratch, creating the brand name, doing the programming and adding the designers.

"Gift" Earrings, Comes in Pink, Purple, Red, Blue, 169nis, Designer: Kitsch-Bitch

“Along the way we got a lot of support from experts of all the different fields, even our lecturers, however the best thing was getting creative ideas from all of the designers we met,” Gal says.

It was published in all its glory only a month ago.

With the high insurgence of online use  amidst our technology-heavy society as form of e-commerce, Gal and Nadav were hoping to create a place that fulfills the need and passion of young designers who want their own shop on the Internet but don’t have the technology skills or finances to make one.

Funny enough, as so many Israeli designers are trying so hard to branch out to an international audience, the essence of Gal and Nadav’s site is the idea that he wants to bring the fashion back home to the market where it matters most.

“Most young designers don’t have a lot of money or time to invest in their pieces.  Thus, the need of building up an e-shop for themselves had to be delayed or they had succumb to selling most of their wares on Ebay or Etsy only.  It was an option and some of them still do sell their items there, but they don’t have a lot of exposure in the Israeli market,” explains Gal.

Gal and Nadav’s peers and professors at Shenkar encouraged him to build and maintain this website…and here they are with a successful home and base for the young Israeli designers community and most important, Gal says “a place where their fashion and art will get a respectable and professional presentation.”

While people around the world may have a hard time with the fact that the website is in Israel’s language Hebrew, the site is easy to navigate and the pictures and beautiful pieces speak for themselves.

Princess Dress, Vintage, On Sale for 390nis from 529nis, Designer: Mona

The site includes profiles for some of my indie designer favorites including Mona, Avigail Adam, and Misto, it also includes some really cool newbies (at least for me since I’ve never heard of them including Kitch-Bitch, Sivan Oren, Adamas, and Scandal Seven.

Knit Dress Made of Pllowcase, Also Comes in Red, 449nis, Designer: Sivan Oren

If you don’t know where to start, check out the neat sidebar on the side where the fashion is categorized into groups that include Urban and Vintage as well as Shoes, Accessories, Designer Clothing, Clothes on Sale and even a Small Men’s Section.

Envelope Bag in Red with Shoshanna Graphics, On Sale for 399nis from 539nis, Designer: Kyeshaya

Gal and Nadav can only hope that the site will continue getting bigger and bigger and are still looking to make it grow with the best in young Israeli indie fashion.


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