Standout Jewelry at Plastik Lavan

For those that don’t know, every summer Tel Aviv has an overnight event they call “Laila Lavan” (White Night) where lots of restaurants, stores, and venues are open into the wee hours of the morning. Theatres and opera houses have special showings and Tel Avivians line the streets looking for the best place to go.

So what better time for the Plastik Shuk to hold its seasonal clothes fair then this special evening? Tel Avivit fashionista Roz Sentell gave us the lowdown on what went on during Plastik Lavan. ~~Simona

Author: Roz Sentell

I had been working all day and then baby-sitting until around 2am after which I decided to make my way to the Plastik fair in Migdal Shalom.

Getting there was not easy–the taxi left me about six blocks away, since he couldn’t drive further and there were people crowding the streets. I pushed through the crowds while avoiding all the broken glass.

The first vendor I approached wouldn’t even let me take photographs. She said there some unfortunate incidents that made her paranoid. I felt a bit disappointed since I had seen her selling her pretty Victorian looking headbands, belts and necklaces on a stand outside of Yullia’s nail salon on Dizengoff and they really seemed to be a hit!

I looked around and tried to find a few designers instead who stood out from the rest and approached them instead. There weren’t many clothing stands, but I did notice lots and lots of statement jewelry. Here’s what I found:

Avital Tali Askari

Avital Tali Askari had lots of 70’s and 80’s-inspired fashion earrings, belts and headbands. I especially loved the tassel and bow/pearl earrings as well as the feather fan earrings. She not only designs jewelry, headbands and belts but is also working on a clothing line as well. She was very willing to take photos and was more than happy to make me a good price on the black tassel earrings that I purchased.


Next I looked at the pieces by Noelia Holzheim, who’s jewelry was so fun and plastic looking it reminded me of candy or of something made from silly putty. She had crafted enlarged charms made from colored rubber set in molds and also mimiced the very trendy and of-the-moment enlarged chain link look, but instead used colorful rubber links.

Yiddish Chic

Yiddish chic caught my eye as the most eye catching and humorous stand sticking out from the pack! Simple shirts and baby onezies with statements emblazoned  across the front like “Shaina Meideleh”(Beautiful Girl), “ A Vilde Chaya” or “Man plans and God laughs” all in Yiddish with Hebrew subtitles printed beneath.

I really got a kick of all the slogans designers Noa and Chen came up with, and I was so curious to find out what inspired the line. The designers told me they had heard their Eastern European grandmothers speaking in Yiddish as kids and just knew it would be a great catchy idea for T-shirt printing. I really loved the twisted humor behind the words and urge you to check out the definition of the red t-shirt in the photo.
Noa: 972-54-434-4209  Chen: 972-50-666-3102


Varnikah’s stand look like it stepped out of a Laura Ashley catalogue. Cameo and lace accessories with a designer to match! Everything was so detailed and delicate. Check out photo with woman in taupe lace shirt and white pendant hair band. She told me she started working with ceramic design as an artist studying and creating opals for one year before deciding she needed to create something “usable” , which is how she created this look.

She created beautiful hooped pendant earrings with gold lattice work , lacey adornments, and lots of other wearables such as pendants, rings, necklaces and hair bands etc.

Neta Livne

Neta Livne creates jewelry that mimics nature. (Check out her photos with bird necklaces). Her pieces have been shown with Sigal Dekel and she sells mainly in the Northern Israel and Jerusalem area. I especially loved her long gold and silver looking chain mix , golden head bands, and necklace made of gold looking stars , circles and hearts –it looked to me very expensive and trendy and still very classy.

Photos: Roz S


3 thoughts on “Standout Jewelry at Plastik Lavan

  1. reut stamati

    שלום רב,
    קוראים לי רעות סטמטי ואני מתגוררת כיום בגרמניה.
    בערב התרמה שנערך פה למען ישראל, פגשתי אשת אופנה העוסקת בהחדרת מותגים זרים לשוק הגרמני ולארצות הדוברות גרמנית. היא עובדת הן עם מותגים בינלאומיים והן עם מותגים קטנים ומעצבים צעירים.
    .אנדריאה ,זה שמה, גילתה עניין עצום באופנה ובמעצבים הישראלים, היא אומרת שישנו רעב לאופנה זרה פחות שמרנית עם אמירה שונה, חדשנית ומאתגרת.
    בקיצור, אנו רוצות להתחיל ולהכניס אופנה ישראלית לשווקים דוברי גרמנית,בשלב הראשון עיקר הפעילות תתרכז בנישות של נעלים, תיקים ואקססוריז.

    אני מגיעה לישראל ב13.12 לכ 3 שבועות, אשמח להפגש עם כל מי שמעוניין וחושב שיש לו את היכולת והכישורים להכנס לשוק הבינלאומי.
    בברכה ותודה
    רעות סטמטי, עו”ד

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